BizNet Software and FastSpring: A Case Study

BizNet Software optimized their sales process by transitioning it from offline to online.


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Dallas, TX

The Company

Since 1996, BizNet Software has focused on leveraging the power of Microsoft Excel to offer self-service analytics and reporting services for both analysts and business users.

The BizNet team starts and ends each day with the same mission: to make Excel reporting fun! BizNet believes that by eliminating the complexity of report building, users can spend more time analyzing data to gain actionable insight into the intricacies of their business.

“We met our business goals by improving back office efficiencies. We are 100% automated.”

Brian Nicholson, Director of Customer Experience and Operations, BizNet Software

The Challenge

BizNet Software knew they had a problem with their sales process.

On the surface, it appears that sales were taking place online. However, there was no back-office system to manage or automate the purchase experience. Orders were actually manually processed, which introduced human error and required customers to wait over 24 hours to receive their product. Management of the transaction process was very disjointed and prone to error. BizNet quickly realized they would have to make a change in order to grow their business.

“It was just very inefficient and not terribly profitable,” explained Brian Nicholson, Director of Customer Experience and Operations. “When our customers ordered something, they wanted it right away.”

The Solution

“We wanted a true ecommerce experience.”

BizNet Software realized they needed to be more efficient and solve their back-office management headache, so they turned to FastSpring for a true, cloud-based ecommerce experience.

Since FastSpring does not have monthly minimums or huge setup costs like some other solutions, BizNet Software was able to quickly test their idea. They implemented FastSpring’s ecommerce software and began using the back office features to manage and report transactions from their website.


The Results

Today BizNet Software’s customers can place their order and pay for it directly from the website. BizNet Software can automatically fulfill the order with no manual effort.

This shift vastly improved the customer experience, and customer satisfaction has doubled. BizNet no longer has to manage back-office operations on their own. FastSpring’s platform and technology automatically handle the complex accounting and reporting, and in one, easy-to-use integration.


Note: After the publication of this case study, BizNet Software was acquired by insightsoftware. For more information, please visit

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