Connectify and FastSpring: A Case Study

Connectify succeeds with automated back-office operations, custom storefronts, fraud prevention, and reduced cart abandonment.


Internet Connectivity Software

The Company

The innovative management team at Connectify really knows how to meet the market’s needs. To date, the company has more than 75 million downloads and two billion hotspots that have been started by Connectify HotSpot. Connectify is a virtual router that helps users access all of their devices, anytime and anywhere. Connectify’s new product, Speedify cloud software, offers a fast and reliable super-connection for PC and Mac users by combining WiFi, 3G/4G, and wired networks.

Connectify relies on FastSpring’s ecommerce platform to manage its two online storefronts ( and in touch with global buyers and prospects.

“We really wanted a full turnkey solution because we were new to e-commerce. We found that it was more cost effective to go with FastSpring, primarily because they take care of everything including sales tax, industry expertise and much more.”

Bhana Grover, President

The Challenge

Switching from an ad-supported model to ecommerce.

Connectify launched in 2009 with an ad-supported business model. The team eventually decided that an ecommerce store would be the best solution for continued growth – but only with the support of a turnkey technology and service provider.

FastSpring was Connectify’s clear choice due to their legacy as a leading ecommerce platform, experience with handling global payments and tax management, a straightforward pricing structure that eliminated any surprising add-ons and costs, and above all, the ability to create custom web storefronts.

The Solution

FastSpring is an essential part of Connectify’s growth.

“I think FastSpring has become a core part of our business,” says President Bhana Grover. “FastSpring’s founders have been doing ecommerce for more than 25 years, which translates into a deep understanding of online commerce and how you grow a business in this space. Their guidance and superior support have been a hugely valuable asset for our business.”

“I have to say the single most unique thing is their unbelievable customer support. When we have issues, they get right back to us. Things get fixed. They are so responsive. It is the most responsive company I’ve ever dealt with.”– Alex Gizis, CEO

FastSpring offers a comprehensive set of built-in ecommerce features in an easy-to-use platform.

As the merchant of record for Connectify, FastSpring is the entity actually selling Hotspot and Speedify to the company’s customers. FastSpring manages the Connectify store, hosts the custom shopping cart, manages the back office operations including sales tax, maintains PCI compliance, handles recurring subscriptions and all fulfillment, as well as sends out automated emails and receipts. “They’re very, very reliable,” says CEO Alex Gizis.

The Results

Simplified Accounting

Connectify knows exactly what it will be charged based on actual revenues. “We don’t get surprised by additional fees for miscellaneous transactions such as charges for processing disputes, returns or chargebacks.” FastSpring’s ecommerce platform reports actual sales and returns, by coupon, by country, etc. “We just have one line that we have to enter in our books: sales minus returns,” Alex explains. “There were cost savings from not attempting all these services internally.”

Fully Custom Storefronts

FastSpring got Connectify’s custom online store up and running on their website in less than a week. From the moment Connectify implemented FastSpring’s ecommerce software, they had access to the full capabilities of the platform, all from one simple integration. FastSpring’s Store Builder Library helped Connectify create two unique storefronts, complete with customized logos, fonts, and other distinctive elements. FastSpring also provides an easy process to set up coupons, limited offers, upsell/cross-sell options, and much more.

Fraud Protection and Prevention

FastSpring’s layer of anti-fraud software protects it and Connectify from attempted consumer fraud. “A ton of people come in with stolen credit cards trying to buy software online,” Alex explains. “FastSpring does a really good job of detecting and rejecting a high percentage of those people. This significantly reduces chargebacks and additional fees we felt we could have realized with other solutions.”

Cart Abandonment

FastSpring’s ecommerce software includes features to help Connectify make the most of every site visitor with their back-office operations. Each time someone abandons a cart after entering their email, the FastSpring ecommerce platform automatically sends an alert is sent to Connectify’s server. The company immediately knows that this person was looking at specific products and then left the product page. Instead of writing it off as a lost sale, Connectify is able to send a timely email with educational information that can help bring the web visitor back to their site to complete their purchase. “One of the nice things about going with FastSpring is that they’re adding these value-added business features faster than we ever could,” Bhana adds. “They understand how to continually grow your ecommerce business.” Alex concurs, adding, “They want you to succeed because their business model is set up to be a win-win for them and their customers. I believe that is why they take such a vested interest in their customers’ businesses.”

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