DaisyDisk and FastSpring: A Case Study

A seamless customer experience leads to more conversions and less oversight.


Desktop Utility Software


Kiev, Ukraine

The Company

DaisyDisk is an efficient and cost-effective software for maximizing storage on a Mac device. Their file management software earned them worldwide recognition.


“At DaisyDisk, we’re obsessed with the user experience. We chose FastSpring because it provides an easy, localized purchasing experience for every customer, everywhere. FastSpring handles all the details — we don’t even have to think about it.”

- Oleg Krupnov, Founder and CEO at DaisyDisk

The Challenge

DaisyDisk's vision of the customer experience isn't supported by a legacy payment processing solution.

In 2009, Oleg Krupnov launched DaisyDisk to help Mac users optimize space on their machines. Inspired by the team’s expertise in software and design, DaisyDisk was built for creative professionals whose work produces large files. They offer a beautiful, easy-to-use interface and an efficient process for finding and removing unnecessary files, which helps users save time and money.

DaisyDisk was using an inexpensive order processing system but was disappointed to learn that it was error-prone and lacked important ecommerce functionality. As a proponent of the customer experience and, DaisyDisk couldn’t afford to lose sales by aligning itself with an inferior transaction solution, so they began to seek an outsourced ecommerce management platform.

The Solution

A robust ecommerce management platform that provides full back office support and customization.

DaisyDisk reexamined their requirements and decided they needed more than just a payment processing system.

DaisyDisk wanted to provide their customers with a quick and easy checkout experience while accommodating the unique needs of a global audience. They also required a solution that would allow them to customize the transaction experience, but they didn’t want to waste time on a complicated implementation. DaisyDisk needed a modular, cost-effective solution that could be up and running within a matter of hours, not days or weeks.

FastSpring was the optimal solution.

The Results

After a painless implementation, DaisyDisk customized the FastSpring platform to create the minimalistic checkout experience they desired. They selected a “pop-up” checkout instead of a traditional cart and limited the input fields to essential information only. When customers click “buy” they are now presented with a simple form right on top of the current page.

Of course, there’s more to the purchase experience than a beautiful checkout flow. DaisyDisk didn’t want to become an expert in data security, currency conversion, global tax management, or fraud detection. Nor did they want to allocate precious time and resources to managing support for their ecommerce business.

DaisyDisk valued these activities, but they needed to focus on their core business and marketing their solution to their target audience. They wanted to outsource these details to a feature-rich back-office solution that can manage the needs of a global audience, and integrate seamlessly with their website. They found all that and more in FastSpring.

By outsourcing their ecommerce needs to FastSpring, every aspect of order placement and processing occurs in the background—including global tax management, converting currencies, and reporting sales for accounting. This means DaisyDisk is no longer subject to the perils of complex back-office operations. FastSpring has become an essential and effortless part of the DaisyDisk business.

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