FlowMapp and FastSpring: A Case Study

FlowMapp drove 2.5x growth year over year by partnering with FastSpring to support global sales.

Key Result

2.5x Growth YoY


UX / Design SaaS


New York, New York, United States

The Company

FlowMapp is a full-stack UX platform that helps companies design exceptional UX for beautiful products, websites, and apps with online collaborative tools.

FlowMapp emerged out of necessity. Several members of the team previously worked together at a digital agency, building websites for clients all over the world. Through that experience, they realized they were missing a simple visual tool to help with user experience (UX) planning. 

In 2017, the team of UX and UI designers, Frontend and Backend engineers, Product Managers, and Growth Strategists came together to create an easy-to-use tool to help companies with UX. And thus, FlowMapp was born. The independent and flexible team of enthusiasts continue to focus on building a full-stack UX platform that includes user flows, sitemaps, customer journey maps, and persona tools. 

The team is passionate about their solution as they continue to develop new tools and features that support their expanding global community.

“Thanks to FastSpring, we entered the international market and are successfully receiving payments from customers from all over the world."

Paul Mit, Co-Founder, and Chief Growth Officer

The Challenge

FlowMapp needed an ecommerce solution that supported their goals to become a player in the global marketplace.

The team thoroughly researched their options for payment services through organic search, community forums, recommendations, and third-party reviews. Finding the right partner was essential to their success as a business.

“We want to be as independent and flexible as possible, and we want to stay as a small team of enthusiasts as long as possible. This means we needed an ecommerce partner that could grow alongside us and support us every step of the way. We decided to pick a full-service provider and it was the right decision.”

FlowMapp spent a significant amount of time researching payment providers. In the end, they realized they needed more than a payment provider; they need a full-service commerce solution to help fuel their growth. This is what led them to select FastSpring as their ecommerce partner.

The Solution

FastSpring has been FlowMapp’s growth partner since the beginning, delivering a world-class ecommerce experience to FlowMapp’s audience of makers, creators, designers, and developers of digital products.

The team’s ecommerce provider needed to fit all of their business requirements, including SaaS/subscription management, recurring payments, localized checkouts, and more, without any additional internal resources or budget.

“We are very grateful to FastSpring for supporting us at an early stage when we were exploring our product-market fit and focused on development.”

FlowMapp partnered with FastSpring for a variety of reasons including:

“FastSpring is our main partner for payments. We have partnered with them since the first days of FlowMapp’s life—for more than 2.5 years.”

FastSpring Feature Shoutout: One of FlowMapp’s favorite features in the FastSpring platform is the VAT refund. Not all ecommerce providers offer this feature, but it is essential to providing a world-class customer experience. FlowMapp’s team noticed that their customers tend to forget to indicate their VAT ID in the checkout flow. The VAT refund feature in the FastSpring platform helps them quickly refund the tax on behalf of the customer.

The Results

FlowMapp drove 2.5x growth year over year by partnering with FastSpring to support global sales. 

“We are excited about the success rate of our payment statistics. This is the core feature of any payment platform and we are completely satisfied with such high results.”

From the very beginning, FlowMapp made it a company goal to enter international markets with their full-stack UX platform. That goal became a reality when they partnered with FastSpring, and they now sell in over 100 countries around the world.

“We are obsessed with the idea of creating things that are helpful on the other end of the world. Thousands of strangers use our tools for creating something new for their clients. It is astonishing to us, and it would not be possible without our partnership with FastSpring.”

They are delighted by the high success rate of their global transactions. This healthy and steady income helps ensure their business is in the best position to continue to innovate and build more amazing products and services for their clients. At the end of the day, FastSpring’s full-service platform and ecommerce expertise enable FlowMapp to focus on what they do best—building great UX tools and features.

“Our biggest recommendation to growing companies like ours is to experiment more, to try different options, and not to stop at the obvious decisions. And the flexibility the FastSpring platform helps us live up to our core value of experimentation.”

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“Thanks to FastSpring, we entered the international market and are successfully receiving payments from customers from all over the world."

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