“Thanks to FastSpring’s ability to localize payments, customers are now seeing the price presented in their own currency, with clear information about the prevailing rate of Taxation. This has inspired buyer confidence, significantly reducing our cart abandonment rate by 30%.”

Simon Bangs, Global Brand Manager

Key Result

increase in conversions within first month


Digital Media Software


Cumberland, Rhode Island


Products Used

The Company

inMusic is a leader in the audio software industry. It is comprised of an elite family of hardware and software companies. While maintaining unique brand identities, each of inMusicʼs companies is dedicated to creating cutting-edge products that incorporate and build upon the latest in engineering, design, and technology.

The Challenge

A complicated ecommerce platform, high operation costs, and disjointed purchase experience were holding inMusic back from their revenue potential.

inMusic pushes the boundaries of innovative audio solutions, but their ecommerce platform was unable to adapt to their growing business needs.

  • Costly and inefficient file management. inMusic’s previous ecommerce platform was not capable of managing file fulfillment in an efficient way.
  • Limited customization capabilities. inMusic was not able to deliver a consistent or optimized branded checkout experience with their previous ecommerce platform.
  • High operating costs. inMusic experienced complicated operations which increased their internal costs and lengthened the customer support wait time.

The Solution

inMusic adopted a comprehensive and agile ecommerce solution to drive more sales and encourage internal growth.

inMusic realized they needed a comprehensive and agile ecommerce solution to drive more sales and encourage international growth. They chose FastSpring to deliver a consistent and successful ecommerce experience for their business.

The Results

inMusic reduced cart abandonment by 30% and increased conversions by an additional 30%.

With FastSpring, inMusic has revolutionized their front- and back-end ecommerce experience. A new user-friendly checkout process increased conversions by 30% within the first month of use.

Localized payment options have improved conversions in the EU market. Optimized file management and fulfillment led to increased customer satisfaction and a significant decrease in refunds.

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