Walls.io and FastSpring: A Case Study

Migrating from FastSpring’s Classic platform to its newer Contextual platform has increased Walls.io’s quarter-over-quarter revenue by 11.87% since their Contextual go-live date.

Key Result

11.87% increase in revenue


Information Technology and Services


Vienna, Austria

The Company

Walls.io is a social media content platform that allows users to create customizable social media feeds (or “walls”) that aggregate and display user-generated content from various social media platforms in real time. It helps businesses and organizations engage with their audience by showcasing user-generated content to build brand awareness, increase conversions, improve stickiness, and encourage audience participation. Walls.io is an easy-to-use tool that has become a popular choice for companies and organizations of all sizes.

Although Walls.io was initially concerned about the cost and effort of migrating from FastSpring’s Classic to Contextual platform, the transition only took a few weeks, increased their quarter-over-quarter revenue, and gave them more freedom to experiment with complex pricing models.

The Challenge

Walls.io was operating exclusively on FastSpring’s legacy Classic platform (Springboard) since 2014 but wanted to take advantage of the features and functionality of the Contextual platform. 

This FastSpring user was initially hesitant to launch on Contextual because they did not want to manage and maintain multiple store environments. On top of that, they were worried about the cost and effort of migration. 

Despite that, Walls.io really wanted to move to Contextual for its enticing capabilities — notably the SaaS-friendly offerings (like the capability of offering add-ons!) and the new revenue and subscription analytics dashboards.

The first challenge for FastSpring and Walls.io was to build and launch a new integration with the Contextual platform. The secondary challenge was to consolidate all of Walls.io business to a single store by migrating their active Classic subscriptions to the new Contextual store.

The Solution

Walls.io worked together with FastSpring to ensure a smooth and full transition to Contextual. 

Walls.io was able to go live on Contextual within a few weeks! FastSpring was then able to start migrating their subscriptions from Classic to Contextual. 

The Results

After moving to Contextual, Walls.io was finally able to take full advantage of FastSpring’s capabilities. With their modern checkout and new subscription features, their quarter-over-quarter revenue has grown by 11.87% since their Contextual go-live date! In regard to migrating their existing customer base, there wasn’t a single issue reported by customers — the migration was “invisible” to them.

Walls.io is now experimenting with more complex pricing models, pairing subscriptions to add-ons, as well as using the API to build a usage-based pricing model. 

On Contextual, they are also now able to offer quotes to their B2B customers using FastSpring’s Digital Invoicing tool. This way, their business customers can choose from a variety of payment methods instead of having to rely on offline bank transfers only, and Walls.io can automate the payment collection and invoicing processes.

The new platform has enabled Walls.io to expand its SaaS offerings as well as given them the ability to monitor their business trends in order to make informed decisions for their future plans, thanks to the detailed dashboards and reporting tools!


Are you still using the FastSpring legacy Classic platform (Springboard)? Do you want to take advantage of our Contextual platform, its subscription and pricing capabilities, B2B offerings, and advanced reporting tools? All you need to do is open a ticket with our support team here: https://community.fastspring.com.

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