Payment Methods & Security

FastSpring helps businesses get the most from every transaction by supporting a full range of payment methods for more than a dozen different currencies and offering complete PCI compliance and fraud protection.

Standard Payment Methods

Credit / Debit Cards

Alternative Payment Methods

Alipay - FastSpring Payment Methods
WebMoney - FastSpring Payment Method
Sofort - FastSpring Payment Method
iDeal - FastSpring Payment Method
Giropay - FastSpring Payment Method
UnionPay - FastSpring Payment Method

Accepted Currencies

U.S. Dollar


British Pound

Australian Dollar

Canadian Dollar

Chinese Yuan

Czech Koruna

Japanese Yen

Swiss Franc

Danish Krone

Hong Kong Dollar

new zealand

New Zealand Dollar

Polish Zloty

Russian Ruble

Singapore Dollar

Swedish Krona

Indian Rupee

South African Rand

PCI Compliance

FastSpring addresses all PCI compliance issues, and securely processes sensitive data. All FastSpring stores are PCI compliant, and adhere to PCI DSS regulations. Our entire e-commerce infrastructure is regularly monitored and credit card numbers are never stored.

Fraud Protection

We protect companies from fraud by automatically analyzing every order in real time using our proprietary fraud screening technology.

Flexible, Easy Refunds

Sometimes a refund is necessary. With FastSpring’s powerful platform, you can quickly locate and refund and order with just a few clicks. Simply search for the order using the Order Search function, identify the kind of refund you wish to process (full, line item, or partial), and complete the transaction. There are also notation fields where you can record the reason for the refund. Refund actions are trackable for internal accountability.