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Live Pricing Calculator Interactive Quotes

Live Pricing Calculator for Demos or Asynchronous Sharing

Designed for those dreaded pricing negotiations

During live demos, you can use IQ to show and explain to prospects what truly goes into their pricing. Or you can send an IQ directly to prospects so that they can build a custom package that fits their needs. Eitherway, it’ll be very easy for you and your prospects to align on pricing quickly.

IQ as a CPQ Alternative Interactive Quotes FastSpring

Get the Benefits of a CPQ, Without the Hassle

Lightweight CPQ Alternative for Small-Medium Companies

CPQs are primarily built for large enterprises in order to implement price compliance and consistency. However, what most people don’t know is that implementation of CPQs is costly, difficult, and can take months. IQ is a great CPQ alternative especially for small-medium businesses.

Proposal Tool Alternative Interactive Quotes

For Sharing Modern, Customized Proposals

Pricing can make or break your deal. IQ is the modern way you can share branded, customized proposals to prospects. Pair your interactive pricing with supporting assets like videos, testimonials, case studies, and more. 

eSignature and Payment Interactive Quotes

Seal the Deal with eSignature and Payment

We’re your partner until the end of the line. Once you’ve agreed on pricing, you can make it official by getting all parties’ signatures in your quote document and get paid right then and there.


Interactive Quotes Integrations

Keep Everything in One Place with Integrations

Seamlessly track your deals and customer information in one place with our CRM and Chat Integrations. We currently offer integrations with HubSpot, Salesforce, and Drift, but we plan to add more soon. 


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