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Interactive Quotes Overview


Learn how FastSpring's Interactive Quotes can accelerate the sales cycle and capture insights for your sales team.

FastSpring Interactive Quotes is a B2B quoting solution which enables SaaS teams to display pricing and additional offers to their prospects through an interactive, digital quote. This accelerates the sales cycle, capturing valuable insights around pricing and sales while streamlining the experience for you and your prospects.

With FastSpring Interactive Quotes, you can:

  • Reduce friction in the sales process for shorter sales cycles and higher success rates
  • Automate complicated calculations with interactive features that update pricing in real-time
  • Apply multiple pricing tiers, advanced pricing models, and optional add-ons to the quote
  • Incorporate an approval workflow for your company to adhere by
  • Increase visibility into the sales cycle with analytics and tracking
  • Integrate a chatbot onto your quote for prospects to ask questions
  • Apply security features, including: eSignatures, limited views, Terms of Service, expiration dates, and passwords

In each Interactive Quote, your team has the ability to present up to 5 pricing options for the prospect. To incorporate additional goods and services with each option, there are 6 types of pricing and multimedia components that you can add to any or all of the pricing tiers. You can require a prospect to select the components, or leave them as potential upsells.

After you send the Interactive Quote to the prospects, they can select or deselect their desired goods and services until they are satisfied with the order. Meanwhile, you can view the changes that they make through the Analytics and Tracking page. The price on the quote automatically updates, enabling them to pay directly from the quote when they are satisfied.

To get started with FastSpring Interactive Quotes, contact us for a free demo!

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