4 Ways to Promote a Site Without a Budget

Puna Paahana
Puna Paahana
September 11th, 2017
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Nowadays, every brick-and-mortar business is declared dead if they don’t have an active Internet presence. Having a website is crucial for your business, regardless of the industry. Whether you have a bakery, a roofing company, or a landscaping business, a website is a great venue for communicating with your client, showcasing your work, and even create an online store where you can directly sell your products and services.

The time when all you had to do was create a website with an About page and Contact details is long gone. With so many businesses trying to create a noteworthy online presence, you need to do more to stand out from the crowd. Your website must attract viewers and potential customers through every channel, and this means that you need to have a continuous and aggressive marketing campaign. It’s time for you to promote your website to get more viewers to your website, where they will be able to get in touch with your products and services.

For a marketing campaign, you can hire somebody—which is often beyond your budget— or you can do it on your own. It sounds scary at first, but if you follow this set of guidelines, you can easily promote any website and bring more traffic to your business.

Here are a few of the best ways to promote a website for free:

1. Get in touch with your customer base and peers

The Internet is full of thousands of forums, newsgroups, and other websites where you can get in touch with your customer base. Create an account with any of these and start contributing. Make sure to add meaningful content, answer questions, provide good advice and, slowly, people will start to notice you.

For instance, if your website is about landscape design, you should give information on the best time to plant trees and flowers. Remember to include a link to your website and people will be able to get more information on your website. If done correctly, this technique can do wonders in just a matter of months.

2. Facilitate guest posting

In order to get visitors on a daily basis, your new website needs to be known in the industry. Peers and other business owners must know about you and customers must be able to recognize you. Guest posting does just that, and it is a great way to reach more customers.

Simply put, you will need to create great, fresh content which you will offer to established bloggers and website owners. They will post the article on their website and post a link to your website. To be successful, guest posting must be done on a regular basis, only high-quality content should be used, and you should contact as many bloggers and webmasters as possible.

3. Connect with your customers on social media

Social media has grown tremendously, especially since when Facebook’s debut in 2005. Now, there are several major social media platforms which have billions of users. You must tap into that market and get your business noticed as soon as possible.

Create a social media presence on a few of the major platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or LinkedIn. Posting daily or weekly on these platforms will help you generate more website traffic, and your business will bloom.

4. Create valuable content for your visitors

A website must be alive and active in order to attract visitors. Try to create new content on a weekly basis (at least) to keep your website fresh. Post only your best articles, try your hand at storytelling,  and be sure to diversify your content. For instance, you should create images, videos, and infographics related to your industry. They work great and will make your website a real authority.

These are just the most basic approaches to promoting your new site. However, with even these basics, you should start to see an increase in visits that will lead to an increase in sales and more money for you!

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