5 Must-Have Internet Marketing Tools for SaaS Businesses

Mark Hemmis
Mark Hemmis
October 6th, 2017
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You’ve created a fantastic product, but it’s not getting the attention you hoped for after you launched your SaaS business. Why? The intended audience isn’t aware of its existence.

It’s time to examine some potential tools to use in order to gain a better understanding of your online presence. Here are five tools that will help you improve your SaaS’s marketing strategy.

Marketing Tool #1: HootSuite

Social media plays a big role in any effective internet marketing campaign— with good reason. As of 2017, there are 2.80 billion social media users around the globe. In other words, roughly 35% of the people on earth are engaged with some form of social media, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or any of the other platforms available. How do you stay on top of posting to a variety of social media platforms with enough regularity to keep your audience engaged?

Enter Hootsuite. This tool will help you manage all of your social media accounts from one convenient spot. Hootsuite works with a variety of platforms, including:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Google+

In addition to scheduling posts ahead of time on these platforms, Hootsuite will also enable you to engage with your audience directly from the SaaS. You’ll be able to track any mentions of your business and reply instantly without the time-consuming process of logging into each individual social media account.

Marketing Tool #2: Keyword Tool

Creating content rich with keywords is a great way to improve your website’s traffic in a free and organic manner. But how do you know which keywords are most effective? Keyword Tool will assist you in analyzing search terms or keywords directly from Google. You’ll have an array of keyword phrases as well as variations to choose from, with as many as 750 long-tail keyword variations for all terms entered.

Bonus? The tool’s free, and it doesn’t even require users to create an account to find the keywords they need. Keyword Tool prides itself on its reliability, guaranteeing successful results 99.9% of the time.

Marketing Tool #3: Wistia

For more than ten years, Wistia has offered top-notch video hosting services for a variety of businesses. While YouTube offers a decent free platform for video marketing, Wistia’s analytics ensure that you have more information about the people who watch your videos, allowing you to fine-tune your customers’ user experience. Video is increasingly becoming a popular method of connecting with prospective customers. Wistia has the tools you need to create a video that will resonate with your audience.

If you’re wondering whether it’s worth it to pay for video hosting, here are just a few of the features Wistia offers SaaS businesses:

  • Customizable high-res video player
  • Video SEO
  • Opt-ins for email and calls-to-action
  • User-friendly organization
  • Collaborative setup
  • Easy embed code
  • High-performance analytics

Marketing Tool #4: Hotjar

Hotjar gives you a detailed picture of who’s visiting your website and how far they scroll down the page. This all-in-one feedback and analytics tool will help you improve your user experience as well as your conversion rates.

Rather than forcing you to purchase analytics tools a la carte, you have access to a variety of analytics tools that will give you a more complete picture of your site and how visitors use it. The tools include:

  • Surveys
  • Heatmaps
  • Form analytics
  • Feedback polls
  • Session recordings
  • Conversion funnel tracking
  • User testing recruitment

Hotjar’s in-the-moment accurate feedback tracks every detail related to your site, giving you the information you need to improve your website and increase conversions.

Marketing Tool #5: Optimizely

A/B testing is an excellent way to determine which changes to your website will actually make a positive impact. Optimizely offers SaaS companies the opportunity to experiment freely on many different aspects of your site. Whether it’s your shopping cart or your buy now button, Optimizely’s platform will help you determine which option performs best.

Some of Optimizely’s features include:

  • Multi-page, multivariate, and A/B testing
  • Analytics to improve decision making
  • Desktop and mobile platform support
  • Personalization

The data you discover when you utilize Optimizely will improve your customers’ experience, thus increasing your chances for a conversion.

Using the right tools will make it easier than ever to create an internet marketing strategy to set your SaaS business up for success. Partnering with a full-stack ecommerce solution will further your goals for your SaaS as well, offering you back office support as well as easy-to-manage billing options. Click here for your free FastSpring demo today.

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