5 Reasons We’re Going to SaaStr (And Why We’d Love to See You There)

Andy Jolls
Andy Jolls • CMO
September 17th, 2021
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Heading to SaaStr Annual this month? We’ll be there too, and we’d love to see you at the show!

FastSpring is a Super Gold sponsor of this year’s SaaStr event. We’ll be located at booth #320 with a variety of new products to show you — plus you’ll have a chance to unlock several excellent prizes we’ll have on hand.

Here’s why we’re attending SaaStr — and what you can expect from us at the event.

Note: Don’t have a SaaStr ticket yet? You can get a 20% event discount by pre-registering to visit our booth ahead of the show.

Reason 1: To Introduce You to Digital Invoicing and Interactive Quotes, Our Latest Products

Earlier this year, we released Digital Invoicing, a new, easy way to create and send invoices directly from FastSpring — no PDFs or back and forth emails required.

We’ve also made big strides on Interactive Quotes, a way for B2B customers to build, view, and modify their own quotes through a self-service interface — with as much control as you want to give them over the process.

We’ve heard from many of you that the B2B quoting, invoicing, and signature process is often a time-consuming, frustrating process. Digital Invoicing and Interactive Quotes are designed to reduce the friction in those kinds of deals — eliminating PDF quotes, back-and-forth emails, and signature requirements that often slow down B2B sales. 

We’ll have both products on display for you at the booth. We’d love to show you how they work and how they can help you do more B2B business, faster!

Reason 2: To Learn from You

We’re proud of our new products, and the response from our customer base has been extremely positive. We’re looking forward to speaking with SaaS businesses about the challenges you have around pricing, delivering quotes, and B2B sales in general.

Conversations with people like you are how we get our best insights and “ah-ha” moments about what we can build to help SaaS companies grow. 

We’d love to learn things like:

  • What percentage of your business is self serve and what percentage is rep-assisted selling?   
  • How do you see this mix changing over the next year?  

Reason 3: To Highlight Our SaaS and Subscription Business

Some of our competitors have (incorrectly) tried to label FastSpring as a payments platform for one-time downloads.

In reality, FastSpring processes more subscription revenue than non-subscription revenue, and our SaaS, subscription, and recurring billing business continues to grow. We also believe we process more SaaS revenue than these big-talk competitors.  

FastSpring also has a robust and growing feature set for SaaS subscriptions and recurring billing, including unique options for upsells, product promotions, advanced coupons, and custom subscription models.

These are SaaS features designed to help you increase revenue by offering much more than simple recurring or annual payments, and they’re options not offered by many of our competitors — even those who market themselves as “only for SaaS.”

Whatever platform you’re using today, we’d love to show you how FastSpring’s subscription billing setup can help you drive more revenue by giving you more options than you have today.

Reason 4: Partnerships

Behind the scenes, we’ll be talking to other companies, working on new partnerships, and evaluating integration options to see what makes sense for our users.

As FastSpring grows, we’re developing an ecosystem to help you solve problems as you grow your SaaS business.

SaaStr is a place where a lot of those kinds of companies will be, so it makes sense for us to be there as well.

Reason 5: To Develop Pipeline

Finally, I think it’s worth stating the obvious: We hope SaaStr will help us increase our pipeline and sign up new SaaS companies as FastSpring users.

Because we think the future is hybrid commerce, we believe that FastSpring is the best option for SaaS businesses that will grow to have a self-serve and rep-assisted model. Even if you are in only one channel, we still believe we have the best in class solution for both sets of needs. Our merchant of record offering will process over $500M of transaction volume in 2021.

If you’ve never seriously considered FastSpring, stop by booth #320 and have a conversation with us!

I’ll be at the booth if you want to speak with me. We’ll also have a group of our executives, product experts, and sales staff on hand to answer any questions you have about FastSpring.

How to Visit Us

FastSpring will be at booth #320 for every day of SaaStr Annual. From Digital Invoicing and Interactive Quotes to localized checkouts, let us show you how we can help you grow and scale your business globally.

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