6 Ecommerce Merchant Account Questions to Ask Right Now

Mike Smith
Mike Smith
November 29th, 2017
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You’ve just created a great app, independent game, or digital download. Or maybe you’re launching a new SaaS service and you can’t wait for your first wave of clients.

Congratulations! Now comes the hard part—choosing your ecommerce merchant solution.

Finding the right online commerce platform is crucial for your business’ success. The right solution will help you make more money with far less hassle. And the wrong solution can mean lost sales, fewer opportunities and a whole lot of headaches.

Here are six questions to ask your ecommerce merchant solution provider:

1. Can I sell worldwide, or am I limited to the US?

If you want international sales, it’s crucial to find an online merchant account provider that can help you sell to customers all around the world

Look for a commerce solution that accepts multiple currencies, supports multiple languages and handles tax collection, compliance, and payments on your behalf. You’ll have the peace-of-mind knowing your business is covered—no matter where your customer is located.

2. Do you offer multiple payment methods?

The more payment options you give your customers, the more ways you can get paid.

Look for a company that accepts more than major credit cards and PayPal. The best ecommerce merchant accounts allow you to accept bank transfers, checks and other forms of payment.

Plus, you’ll want to find a solution that provides fraud protection services and PCI compliance. That way, you’ll know that you and your customers are protected—and your digital assets are safe and secure.

3. Can I sell items through a subscription or have recurring billing?

Is your digital product based on a subscription model? Do you want recurring billing—but you don’t want to handle it manually?

Look for commerce solution providers that offer features such as free and paid trials, installment payments and multiple subscription plans. Choosing a highly robust ecommerce solution is smart. As your business grows, your merchant account will be able to meet your changing needs.

4. Can my customer make in-app purchases?

It’s important that your customers can buy and use your products without ever leaving your store or application. Plus, if you offer a trial version, you can prompt customers to purchase the paid version.

Make sure you know how much money your app store platform will charge for this service. Traditional platforms can take as much as 30% of your revenues. Although 30% doesn’t sound like much now, it can translate into a lot of cash.

5. How will I receive payments?

It’s great when you make sales. What’s not so great is when your provider doesn’t pay you for over a month.

Look for an online commerce solution that allows you to choose your payment method and how often you’d like to receive funds (every couple of weeks is typical.) That way, you won’t be waiting for your money and your cash flow is stable.

6. Can I customize things like order pages?

Beware of using a standard template provided by your online commerce provider. Instead, opt for the freedom of customization.

Consider working with an online commerce provider that makes it easy to customize your order pages and shopping cart. Additionally, the ability to test page formats can help you optimize the user experience and increase conversions.

Why settle for a sub-standard ecommerce solution? By asking a few targeted questions, you’ll be able to find a robust, customizable solution—and easily sell your digital product or SaaS service. Good luck!

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