Does Your Ecommerce Platform Enhance Your Business?

March 8th, 2017
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You’ve implemented an ecommerce platform, and things are going pretty well. Customers are able to make purchases, and you implemented the platform seamlessly. But is your platform truly enhancing your business, or does it just perform the bare minimum of functions?

What do you expect from your platform? Do you even know the scope of many benefits that an ecommerce platform can provide? We’ve partnered with G2 Crowd to create the Grid℠ for ecommerce platforms, which offers high level insights about the ecommerce software market. Let’s look at the different ways an ecommerce platform can improve your organization, and discuss the factors that you should look for to ensure that your platform is serving you, not vice-versa.

Order Processes

Check Out Processes — How expedient is your check out process? Do your customers walk away feeling frustrated by inconvenient or irritating steps that they have to take to purchase an item? You should probably check to see how your software ranks (or IF it ranks) on the Grid℠ for ecommerce platforms—if it’s not rated well, perhaps it’s time to reconsider your platform.

Order Management — Does your platform effectively manage your orders, or do you find that you have to manually intervene? A truly efficient platform will help you process orders efficiently, reducing the time it takes to fulfill the orders and eliminating the human error factor by handling it within the software.


Promotions and Discounts — How does your current platform handle a customer with a promo code or a discount? Is it quick, easy, and efficient, or is it a big hassle? A platform that does not easily allow your customers to process their discounts is not a platform that is helping your business.

Multichannel Support

Customer Service — At FastSpring, we pride ourselves on our exemplary customer service. (Our fantastic ranking on the Grid℠ for ecommerce Platforms supports the fact that service is a major priority with us!) You’ve worked hard to build up a customer base; it would be terrible if a bad experience with your platform should undo the positive feelings your customer has about your brand. Does your platform offer you and your customers the service that leaves you with a smile on your face? If it doesn’t, perhaps it’s time to make a change.


Security — When your customers are shopping on your site, security is of paramount importance. If your customer does not feel that their financial information is safe with you, they won’t make the purchase— it’s as simple as that. Is your platform completely secure? Check the rankings on the Grid℠ for ecommerce platforms to see how your platform rates against the others.

Performance and Reliability — There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to make a purchase and finding that the platform isn’t functioning. In fact, it’s likely that the customer will simply make the purchase elsewhere. Your platform’s performance and reliability are vital to retaining your customers, so you should probably ensure that it’s not undercutting your hard work.

There are many, many different factors that go into making your ecommerce platform an asset to your business; download the Grid℠ for ecommerce platforms to see if your platform is performing at its peak.

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