Employee Spotlight: German Torres, Staff Accountant, and Convincing Snow White

Hannah Juley
Hannah Juley
February 27th, 2020
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FastSpring’s Employee Spotlight is a Q&A series that features the hardworking, intelligent, and fun people that make FastSpring great. Get to know the fantastic team behind the ecommerce platform!

In this post, we’re featuring our Staff Accountant, German Torres:

What is your current role at FastSpring?

I am currently a Staff Accountant. A lot of the time, my job will change depending on the time of the month. In the first couple of weeks, it’s a lot of making entries, reconciling accounts, and checking in on transactions. Then the next couple of weeks are more geared towards closing the month.

How long have you been in this role?

About two years now, but in total, I’ve been with FastSpring for three years. When I first came to FastSpring, I was a Risk Analyst. After a year, I transitioned into my current role as a Staff Accountant.

Do you enjoy your role at FastSpring?

I really enjoy the pace of my role. It’s nice to have the first two weeks of the month to jump in because it always picks up a lot towards the end of the month when we’re trying to close the month.

What did you do before FastSpring?

I was an Accounting and Purchasing Assistant at a welding company. It’s similar to what I do now, but I like how my role is way more hands-on now.

What inspired you to join FastSpring?

I moved here to finish up school, and FastSpring was recommended to me. I came into the interview and got along really well with everyone right off the bat, which made it an easy choice to come work here.

What excites you about working here every day?

I really like working here because I get to work with a product that I had no knowledge of before coming to FastSpring, but I now realize is so important for selling online. I like how everything is new and exciting about our product. It’s cool to work in an environment where there’s so much to learn.

Do you have a favorite memory from working at FastSpring?

This past Halloween because I dressed up like Snow White and my whole team dressed up as the Seven Dwarfs, which was a ton of fun.


What’s something you’ve learned in your time at FastSpring?

I’ve learned a more in-depth understanding of what an ecommerce platform entails and how impactful a Merchant of Record is for a company.

What are some of the challenges you face in your role?

Keeping up with the ever-changing tax regulations can be challenging. As new laws keep passing about sales tax, it’s a top priority for us to ensure we’re keeping up with everything.

Do you have an accomplishment you’re proud of while working at FastSpring?

I think graduating from school while working full-time here is what I’m most proud of as well as having a great team that has really good dynamics.

Do you have any favorite hobbies or activities outside of work?

I love playing soccer and surfing. I actually just joined Scott Herriman’s (our SVP of Engineering!) soccer team, which has been a ton of fun.

What is a fun fact most people don’t know about you?

I was born in Mexico and moved to the U.S. when I was seven years old. I go back every year in May for a Mariachi festival I like to go to.

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Hannah Juley

Hannah Juley

Hannah is a recent graduate from UC-Santa Barbara. Her prior experience in marketing lead her to the FastSpring Marketing Coordinator role. Hannah assists with content, social media and department expenses. Outside of work, you can find her at the beach either playing volleyball or reading a book.

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