FastSpring Acquires SalesRight to Support Next Generation of Software Commerce

David Nachman
David Nachman
November 19th, 2020
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2020 has been an extraordinary year for all of us, full of many unforeseen challenges, but also unexpected opportunities. Throughout this tumultuous year, we have witnessed incredible resiliency, change, and growth in the global marketplace for software, SaaS, and digital products.

At FastSpring, this environment has fueled our progress as a business, enabling us to accelerate investments in our people, technology, and product to support our fast-growing sellers. We are also seeing many commerce trends play out in an accelerated way as the needs of our sellers evolve more quickly than ever. One such trend is the increasing number of software companies seeking to sell their products through multiple channels—offline through sales teams and online via ecommerce, as opposed to relying solely on one distribution model or the other.

We also anticipate that hybrid models of these two sales methods (i.e. rep-assisted ecommerce) will become increasingly prevalent. Though more and more software sellers are moving in this direction, the technology platforms and payment processes needed to support this new reality have not kept pace, forcing software sellers to maintain an unnecessarily complex and ineffective network of third party commerce solutions and homegrown processes. We see this trend creating the need for a new approach to software commerce, which has led us to today’s exciting announcement.

FastSpring Acquires SalesRight

We’re excited to announce that we have acquired SalesRight, a SaaS solution that provides innovative quoting and pricing tools for forward-thinking software sales teams.

This time last year we set out on our mission to support the next generation of software commerce by bringing together the efficiencies of ecommerce to the sales-assisted world of software sales. The combination of SalesRight’s interactive Live Quotes and pricing expertise with FastSpring’s commerce capabilities accelerate this mission tremendously.

SalesRight was founded in 2018 by SaaS industry veterans Bill Wilson and Taylor Bond, who believed deeply there had to be a better way for software companies to price, quote, and interact with buyers throughout the buying process. Their vision was spot on. In the past two years, they have built a revolutionary way for software companies to price and package with more simplicity and transparency, without making the typical trade-offs of compromising average deal size or losing pricing flexibility and sophistication. SalesRight Live Quotes speeds up sales cycles and gives sales reps unique visibility and insights into buyer behavior during an active sales cycle, which ultimately leads to higher win rates. In talking to existing customers of SalesRight we’ve been extremely impressed with the proven results on rep productivity that these forward-thinking sales teams have achieved.

What’s Next for FastSpring and SalesRight

The similarities in strategic vision and company culture are two of the most exciting and inspiring aspects of this combination, as we jointly build the software commerce platform of the future. While it will take some time to fully integrate our companies and solutions, we are immediately getting to work to find ways to unlock new opportunities for our customers that didn’t exist before. The SalesRight team will continue to operate out of its headquarters in Halifax, Nova Scotia, as we work towards fully integrating them into FastSpring.

We look forward to sharing more about this exciting new chapter for our companies and our pursuit of simplifying and enhancing our customers’ ability to successfully sell software, SaaS, and digital products worldwide.

David Nachman

David Nachman

David serves as the CEO of FastSpring, the trusted full-service ecommerce partner for software companies. He is responsible for leading the company in building on its already successful track record to provide industry-leading ecommerce solutions to the growing software marketplace. Prior to FastSpring and in the last 20 years, David has held roles ranging from functional vice president to CEO at high-growth companies including Vision, Velocify, and HireRight.

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