FastSpring Customer Success Team Wins Gold Globee® Award

Katie Stephan
Katie Stephan • Sr. Content Strategist
June 18th, 2024
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FastSpring is proud to announce that our customer success team has won a gold Globee® award for Customer Excellence in the “Achievement in Team Customer Success” category!

Gold and black logo of the 2024 Globee Award for Customer Excellence

FastSpring Customer Success Team Gets Exceptional Results

Our customer success team was honored with this award thanks to three key achievements: 

1. Exceptional Results

We consistently surpass targets and achieve unprecedented growth, exceeding customer expectations and showcasing our dedication to excellence.

2. Strategic Agility

We take a proactive approach to identifying opportunities, implementing innovative solutions, and adapting to market changes — all of which reflect our strategic vision, keeping us ahead in the industry.

3. Customer-Centric Culture

We prioritize customer satisfaction, nurture a collaborative culture, and ensure seamless teamwork across departments, demonstrating our commitment to exceptional service and successful project execution. 

What Our Customers Say

These accomplishments are echoed by FastSpring customer feedback responses about their customer success managers (CSMs), including: 

  • “The customer success manager collaborated with us on revamping our customer journey and redesigning the checkout experience by implementing an embedded checkout, resulting in a notable boost in conversion rates.”
  • “Our customer success manager played a pivotal role in enhancing our average order value (AOV) by facilitating FastSpring’s integration of a shopping cart in the fourth quarter of the previous year. This integration empowered our customers to make multiple product selections within a single order instead of being limited to a single product choice without the convenience of a cart.”
  • “Our dedicated CSM has consistently demonstrated exceptional responsiveness and proactivity in her role. We are truly delighted to have her as a dedicated CSM for us, and her contributions have been instrumental in our success.”

SocialBee’s Co-Founder and Chief Executive Bee Ovi Negrean is continually impressed by FastSpring’s support and customer success. Read more about his experience here.

The Globee® Awards

The Globee® Awards, named with a portmanteau of the words “global” and “business,” were created to recognize various types of organizations around the world, specifically in business and technology categories. They present awards in nine categories, including Customer Excellence, American Business, Business, Cybersecurity, Disruptor, and Women In Business.

Image of three Globee award trophies in silver, gold, and bronze.

From the Globee® Awards for Customer Excellence Gold Winner page:

“To be recognized as a Gold Globee® Winner, an entrant needs to attain an impressive average score of 9.0 or above, or have the highest score in their category, according to the judgment of the evaluators. This distinction marks the recipient’s superior performance, innovation, and leadership in their field, distinguishing them as leaders of excellence. The Gold Globee® Winner accolade celebrates not only the individual or organization’s notable achievements but also encourages the broader industry community to aim for and achieve high standards of excellence. It is an acknowledgment of the winner’s hard work, talent, and commitment to their area of expertise.”

We know how hard our customer success team works to ensure our customers and their businesses succeed, so we’re not surprised they’ve been honored with this award! 

If you want your SaaS, software, video game, or digital goods business to benefit from FastSpring’s continued commitment to customer success, set up a demo or sign up to check out the platform yourself.

Katie Stephan

Katie Stephan

Katie Stephan is the Senior Content Strategist at FastSpring. Besides her extensive marketing experience, she has an MFA in creative nonfiction writing and has served her local communities as a college writing instructor.

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