FastSpring Excels In G2 Crowd’s Results Index For Subscription Management Software

June 5th, 2017
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G2 Crowd has released the Results Index for Subscription Management for Spring 2017, and FastSpring is thrilled with the results. In a field of nine software products, FastSpring’s scores were consistently exemplary. Keep reading for more information about G2 Crowd’s survey-based report on the top subscription management software products on the market today.

The Report and Its Compilation

G2 Crowd is renowned for its impartial reviews of software and services. From CRM products to vertical industry software, G2 Crowd accrues information from real users to create unbiased and accurate ratings for a variety of software products. Now, G2 Crowd has turned their attention to subscription management products, creating a detailed and insightful report to determine which products perform best in four categories:

  • Best Estimated ROI
  • Likelihood to Recommend
  • Meets Requirements
  • User Adoption

To qualify for inclusion in the report, subscription management software products had to include the following options:

  • The ability to store customer information and data
  • The ability to integrate with and/or support a payment gateway
  • Offer automated billing and contracts
  • Accommodation for automatic payments from a variety of payment methods

As a product that met the qualifications, FastSpring’s software was eligible to be included in the report. Additionally, products eligible for the report had to receive at least 10 reviews and 5 responses from actual users. G2 Crowd determined a product’s score based on a proprietary algorithm¬†factoring in the satisfaction ratings for many results-related questions answered by real users. Badges are offered in three categories:

  • Best Results
  • Best Estimated ROI
  • Users Most Likely to Recommend

How Did FastSpring Rate?

We’re delighted to report that FastSpring ranked very high among their peers. In fact, we received badges for two categories:

Best Estimated ROI G2 CrowdBest Results G2 Crowd

We ranked #1 out of 9 for Best Estimated ROI; users reported that FastSpring was up and running in less than a month (compared to the average of 2 months), and users saw a return on their investment within 4 months as opposed to the average of 8 months.

FastSpring’s high performance across the categories of likelihood to recommend (94%), meets requirements (91%), and average user adoption (100%!) netted us the Best Results badge.

We’re thrilled that our top-notch subscription management software has been recognized by an organization as prestigious as G2 Crowd.

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