fsBuilds: Improve Opportunity Accuracy by Integrating FastSpring with CRM Tools through Zapier (Video)

Fred Linfjärd
Fred Linfjärd • Advisor - FastSpring
November 29th, 2023
Estimated read time: 1 minute, 31 seconds

FastSpring builds is a series featuring developer-built projects showing step-by-step examples, code snippets, and advice on how to approach a specific build. The aim of this series is to not only help you build with FastSpring, but inspire you with new ideas of how you can uniquely leverage FastSpring’s systems to best serve your company. As always, our support and sales engineering specialists are available to help if you need assistance.

Adding Opportunities to Salesforce (or other CRMs) for Self Serve Transactions on FastSpring

Job to be done: Your sales team wants to push self-serve transactions from FastSpring into your CRM so they can see customer purchases to inform their upsell and upgrade strategy with self-serve customers.

For our second example build in this series, we’re featuring a build by Fred Linfjard showing how you can easily integrate self-serve transactions from your website with Salesforce in minutes. This build also shows you an example of how Zapier can be used to capture data through FastSpring’s webhooks so you can then pass information on to another service Zapier can integrate with.

For the second part of this build, Fred shows how to use the trigger created in Zapier to catch FastSpring webhooks and create records in Salesforce. Creating records in salesforce with FastSpring’s webhooks allows teams to attribute sign ups and self-serve transactions to an opportunity. This gives teams a single record for all sales within the company and the team can then use those records to better promote add-ons, upsells, and upgrades to customers.


Zapier x FastSpring Integration

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