How to Increase Awareness of Your Digital Product With a Promotional Offer

Caitie Gonzalez
Caitie Gonzalez
April 6th, 2021
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Humans like what’s familiar. They just do.

More often than not, if a person has the choice between something that they’ve never heard of or something that they are familiar with, you can probably take a wild guess what they’re going to choose. 

Before you take it personally, remember, this particular bias is human nature. Even though choosing the best option is the most logical, most people prefer to choose the most familiar one. Multiple studies have proved that the more people see something, the more they like it. Shopping for digital products is no exception. 

Whether you’re selling ebooks or software, people gravitate towards digital products they’ve already come across or have heard of through word of mouth.

The question then becomes, “How do you increase awareness of your digital product so that people not only recognize your product when they see it, but they actually recall your product as the first choice when they’re shopping?”

While there are many strategies out there that work for increasing product awareness, today, we’ll discuss one of the best ways to get a buzz going about your product: promotional offers. 

Increase Visibility Through Promotions 

Research reveals that promotions increase sales of your product at its discount price and its regular price. 

Why? Because promotional offers introduce your brand to a broader audience. When there’s a good deal going, people are likely to talk about it to their friends and discuss it online.  

Long story short, promotional offers are a great way to attract attention. Offers, deals, discounts, and promos will get people talking about your product, boost awareness, and inspire customer loyalty. 

Let’s look at some of the different kinds of promotional offers that can work wonders to increase your digital product awareness. 

Percentage Discounts

Offering a percentage off is a straightforward, no-nonsense way to give your customers a deal. You can offer a percentage discount for a specific product, or off of the entire order.  

Small discounts can pique people’s interest, whereas larger discounts of 50% or more can really get people talking. If you’re interested in liquidating your entire inventory, a significant discount is a great tactic.

Here’s a great example by Brilliant, offering their clients 20% off for a limited time. 

Dollar Discounts

Another popular method of promoting your digital product is a dollar value discount. When people receive a $15 discount, it can be even more appealing than a percentage discount. Studies suggest that dollar discounts have a higher conversion rate than percentage because dollar value discounts make people feel like they’re receiving “free money.” There’s also the added perk of not having to do any math. 

Here’s an example from Norton, offering $65 off to customers for the first year subscription.

You can even encourage customers to buy more by offering a more generous dollar discount the more that they spend. For example, you can offer $20 off of orders over $100, and $30 for orders over $150, and so on. 

Discount Codes

Discount codes are a time-tested method for boosting sales. Not only can they drive your purchase volume, but they’re a great way to analyze the success of your marketing campaigns.

Creating a different discount code for each marketing campaign you’re running can provide valuable insight into which one works the most effectively.

Make the Most of Your Promotional Offer 

Promotional offers are a terrific way to get people acquainted with your digital product. By giving them a deal on something they weren’t familiar with before, they’ll be much more likely to talk about your product with their friends and family.   

By planning ahead and understanding the best tactics you’ll create lasting and mighty awareness of your product in no time. Ready to learn more about running a successful promotion campaign? Check out our latest report, Your Essential Guide to Effective Online Software Promotions.

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