How To Keep Customers Happy & Generate Repeat Customers

Marina de la Torre
Marina de la Torre
November 20th, 2017
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How do you keep customers happy?

Long-term customer satisfaction and retention begins with knowing your customer. You should understand their wants and needs. You may not know the specific motivations for each customer, but there are some traits that nearly all customers have in common. Here’s a tip to help you keep customers happy and coming back for more.

research study concluded that servers in restaurants increased their tips by providing a token gift: a fancy piece of chocolate delivered with the check.

That’s right, a simple, small and unexpected act of generosity made customers happy. In addition, the size of the generosity has an effect on happiness, as an offer of two pieces of candy increased tips more than an offer of one piece of candy.

Not only that, the study also showed that offering one piece of candy, and then offering another piece, led to greater tips than just offering two pieces in the first place.

Using Generosity to Make Software Sales Customers Happy

So how can you use unexpected generosity in online software sales?

Increase customer happiness by sending a coupon, by giving away an extra product for free, or by offering free updates on a product.

The size of the discount or the number of free products may increase your customer’s relationship with you, but it may be better to combine two of these forms in different interactions with the customer.

Each act of generosity may make customers happier than if they got everything at once. One example would be to display that free updates are always available on your product in the order process, and then provide the coupon in the email fulfillment.

So even if you don’t know your customer’s wife and kids by name, you can use unexpected acts of generosity to make nearly any customer happy – and coming back for more.

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