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Marketing Your App Without The Safety Net Of The App Store

Matt Loos
By Matt Loos

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Marketing your newly-created app might be an intimidating process, particularly if you’ve decided to sell your app outside of the App Store. How do you market without the infrastructure of Mac’s shop? Is it possible? Good news—it’s not just possible, it can even work to your advantage to take charge of your marketing without Apple’s restrictions!

Do’s and Don’ts for Marketing Your App

There are millions of apps available for purchase; how can you make your app stand out from all the rest? Well, stepping outside the App Store is a step in the right direction; there is intense competition between apps, with hundreds released there daily. What should you do to make your app noticeable among the legions of others? Let’s break down some of the do’s and don’ts of marketing your app independently.


  • Create an App-Specific Website— Potential customers don’t want to wade through your business site to get to information about your app. It’s smart to create a separate site (that links back to your main business site, of course) to ensure that people can quickly and easily learn everything they need to know before they purchase the app.
  • Blog About It— Whether you have a blog on your separate app-specific site, or you’re mentioning it on your business’s blog, dedicating a few posts to the features of the new app is a fantastic way to generate organic interest among potential customers.
  • Facebook Ads— More and more businesses are starting to see the benefit of investing in Facebook ads. It’s a very viable way to reach a lot of people— check out this infographic for some stunning statistics on FaceBook’s popularity—and, better yet, you can target a specific audience that you feel would have particular interest in the app. Facebook ads are inexpensive, and they’re effective; what more can you want?
  • Produce a Product Video— People love a story, and what better way to share the story of your app than with a slick video? You can show potential customers precisely how the app is different from all the rest, and give them helpful hints about using the app to its maximum benefit.


  • Avoid E-blasts— The old technique of carpeting everyone with emails announcing the release of this amazing new app isn’t as successful as it used to be; instead, create a highly targeted email list and coordinate emails with other aspects of your marketing to create a comprehensive and cohesive campaign.
  • Ditch the Press Release— Back in the  old days, a press release would herald the arrival of the new app in town; now? They’re not effective, and are viewed as a waste of time by the recipients. Skip it, and focus your time and attention on more updated marketing methods.
  • Avoid Pay-For-Play Review Sites— Once again, these might have been effective at one time, but now they’re not a source that customers use to research purchases. Save your money to create a killer video.
  • Don’t Forget Social Media— Yes, we mentioned that you should do ads, but don’t neglect to generate excitement in more organic ways. Create a focused group and invite people who share interests that intersect with the app to interact there. You can advertise in a very low-key and appealing manner here.

With these do’s and don’ts in your pocket, you’re sure to create a campaign for marketing  your app that will ensure that you succeed without the structure of the App Store.

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