Our Commitment to Customers During the COVID-19 Outbreak

David Nachman
David Nachman
March 13th, 2020
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At FastSpring, we’re closely following the evolving Coronavirus (COVID-19) public health emergency that has affected thousands worldwide. Our thoughts are with those affected and their families during this difficult time.

The growing pandemic has made me focus on the importance of FastSpring’s role as a growth partner to thousands of software companies around the world. I know many of our sellers are concerned about how they will continue to operate their businesses during the outbreak.

My goal here is to be fully transparent on the steps FastSpring is taking to ensure our business continues to operate safely and effectively while also offering support to our seller community who may be impacted by the Coronavirus.

What the Coronavirus Means for the FastSpring Community

As an ecommerce partner for companies selling digital products, we are in a unique position. Our seller community does not rely on global supply chains or in-person contact. However, this does not mean our sellers are immune to the impacts of the pandemic.

That’s why our top priority is to make sure our platform remains fully operational to provide peace of mind for our sellers. To that end, we are committed to delivering high-quality and reliable service for our platform, and our Customer Support teams are standing by to assist our sellers and their consumers.

FAQs: What We’re Doing to Maintain Operations at FastSpring

FastSpring is taking all necessary actions to minimize the risk of spreading the Coronavirus while also preserving business continuity. Take a look at the frequently asked questions below to find more information about what FastSpring is doing to continue business operations during this time.

Q: What is FastSpring doing to make sure the business is prepared to continue normal operations during the COVID-19 outbreak?

A: We are taking a series of precautionary measures to minimize the risk of exposure by suspending all business travel and mandating all employees to work from home. Our cloud-first approach enables us to work remotely fairly easily with minimal technical adjustments. We also already have collaboration technology in place that supports virtual participation, so we will utilize these tools to their full capacity and continue operating as business as usual.

We do not expect any disruptions to our system operations, and the status of the FastSpring platform is available by visiting the FastSpring Status Page.

Q: Is there any way to confirm my FastSpring implementation will not be delayed?

A: FastSpring implementation is already a virtual process. We will continue to use our existing virtual and collaborative technologies such as video conferencing (Zoom), Google Docs, Slack and email to ensure there are no disruptions to implementation for our new sellers.

Q: What actions are being taken to ensure the FastSpring support team is available to assist sellers with questions?

A: We’re committed to assisting our sellers with resources and award-winning support. I invite our sellers to please visit https://fastspring.com/docs/ to access documentation and contact our globally distributed customer support team.

Q: What if my Customer Success Manager is out for an extended period of time? Who do I contact?

A: If a Customer Success Manager is unavailable for an extended period of time, our customer-facing teams are trained to step in for one another as needed. We will proactively communicate any changes to your point of contact.

Q: Will FastSpring continue product development and maintain its release schedule?

A: We plan to maintain our current product development pace and release schedules. We do not expect any changes to arise as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. Virtual collaboration is already a normalized practice for our Product and Engineering teams.

How One Seller is Addressing the Crisis

We’re proud to work with so many amazing software companies that are stepping up to help others.

One of our sellers, Tech Smith, is helping organizations that are being affected by COVID-19 by offering access to TechSmith Snagit and TechSmith Video Review through the end of June 2020.

More details can be found, here. The team also put together a list of helpful resources for anyone new to remote working and teaching.

We’re Here for You

I would also like to share resources for keeping up with the latest updates and news regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19):

I want to personally thank our employees and seller community for their continued trust and partnership as we work through the challenging times ahead. We will continue to evaluate and update our plans to best serve both our sellers and employees.

David Nachman

David Nachman

David serves as the CEO of FastSpring, the trusted full-service ecommerce partner for software companies. He is responsible for leading the company in building on its already successful track record to provide industry-leading ecommerce solutions to the growing software marketplace. Prior to FastSpring and in the last 20 years, David has held roles ranging from functional vice president to CEO at high-growth companies including Vision, Velocify, and HireRight.

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