The Power Of AI In Business: FastSpring Spoke Alongside SalesForce and Astronomer At Dreamforce

Mike Smith
Mike Smith
November 3rd, 2017
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Artificial Intelligence is here to stay. It continues to power the world, offering seamlessly integrated customer/user experiences and time-saving tools that enhance productivity and revenue for companies across industries. So, how can you bring your company into the fold?

On November 8th, FastSpring’s Brian Deignan, Vice President of Sales, joined Dave Paprocki from Astronomer and Tony Rodoni & Frances Zhang from Salesforce at Dreamforce to discuss practical tips for using AI to increase the effectiveness of your business. The session offers insight on today’s tech, customer use cases, and explains how Salesforce and FastSpring use AI to power their growth in an increasingly competitive and demanding world.

Salesforce offers a product called Einstein that infuses AI features and capabilities across all Salesforce Clouds. Brian answers questions about how FastSpring uses these AI capabilities to impact sales insights, deal alerts, and forecasting. He also discusses how tactical ways to use Einstein to quickly scale up sales with a smaller team and efficiently report business forecasts, freeing up time for salespeople to focus on closing deals and management to focus on deal coaching and skill building.


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