Q3 2023 FastSpring Feature Release: Achieving Subscription Growth, Faster

Braden Steel
Braden Steel • Senior Product Marketing Manager
November 2nd, 2023
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We are excited to share the release of three new groundbreaking features designed to turbocharge your subscription revenue! 1ClickPay, Trial Hopping Prevention, and Offers API are designed to boost your conversion rates and increase customer lifetime value. They also complement several other subscription focused capabilities we have released over 2023.

New Growth & Retention Features


Designed to enhance your customers’ shopping experience, 1ClickPay streamlines the checkout process, reduces purchase friction, and makes it easier than ever for your customers to complete transactions.

Check out our 1ClickPay product announcement.

Offers API

Image showing purchase options surfaced at checkout with the Offers API.

Offers API is a revenue catalyst that enables businesses to maximize revenue at every customer interaction. Whether it’s at the point of sale or point of cancellation, Offers API strategically surfaces upsell, cross-sell, add-ons, and alternative offers to prospective buyers.

Want to implement Offers API? Take a look at our documentation.

Trial Hopping Prevention

With FastSpring, secure your product-led growth with Trial Hopping Prevention. We don’t just prevent users from signing up for multiple trials with the same email — we also encourage them to convert to a paid plan, maximizing the value they get from your products.

Refreshed Subscriptions Features

In addition to these new features, we’ve rolled out several other subscription tools in the past year. Tools such as Subscription Reporting, Trials With/Without Payment Method, Proration Preview API, and Change History API all optimize growth and retention to unlock your business potential.

Subscription Reporting

An image of FastSpring's subscription reporting showing a line and bar graph that highlights monthly recurring revenue over time

Designed to help you understand the ins and outs of subscriptions across your business, subscription reporting provides insight into MRR, Active Users, Trial Status, Churn Rates, and much more. Drill down into the dashboards and filter by date, product, country, and more to understand exactly what impact your subscriptions have on your bottom line.

Take a look at our reporting features here.

Trial With/Without Payment Method

Configure trials in the way that best suits your business and customers, directly within the FastSpring app. FastSpring’s Trials With/Without Payment Method feature allows you to minimize developer implementation and maintenance time, consolidate solutions, and open up new business models without needing to get additional third party support.

Interested? Here’s our documentation.

Proration Preview and Subscription Plan Change History API

Help your customers carefully understand their subscriptions — and give them insight into what could be — with our Proration Preview and Subscription Plan Change History APIs. Not only do we surface prorated estimates of proposed plan changes to your account management portal, but we also allow you to pull the entire history of your customers’ subscriptions to give them a clear record of their accounts.

Check out our announcements for the Proration Preview and Subscription Plan Change History APIs.

Interested in learning more about how FastSpring supports subscriptions? Sign up for a demo here. Or, are you interested in learning about our subscription features not highlighted here? Go take a look at our subscriptions page.

Braden Steel

Braden Steel

Braden is the Senior Product Marketing Manager for FastSpring. When he's not bringing new products to market, he spends his time writing fantasy novels.

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