Release Notes | March 2023: Webhook Log, ACH, Updated User Experiences, and More!

Braden Steel
Braden Steel • Senior Product Marketing Manager
March 20th, 2023
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Release Notes is our monthly highlight of our great features coming out on the FastSpring platform so you’ll be able to pick up and go with the latest features for your store.

New Welcome Dashboard and Onboarding Experience For Free Trials

In an effort to improve the onboarding experience of new sellers and to deliver more valuable information to our existing sellers, we’ve launched a new version of our welcome dashboard. This is the dashboard you will see when you sign up for our free trial.

With this launch, we’ve created two new widgets to better help sellers understand the value FastSpring delivers from day one. 

A showcase new ui improvements made to the fastspring product.

Dashboard Update #1: Checkout Preview Widget

First, we have enabled Checkout Preview which, with branding and localization customization, you’ll be able to see what your checkout can look like with FastSpring right from our dashboard.

Dashboard Update #2: Total Cost of Ownership Calculator

Second, we’ve enabled our Total Cost of Ownership Calculator. With this calculator, you’ll be able to better understand how FastSpring saves you money in comparison to DIY providers like Stripe. We encourage you to take a look and reach out to our sales team to better understand exactly how we can help your business save money.

Beyond these two widgets, we’ve also added blocks to provide additional valuable information such as: new product updates, customer stories, thought leadership, developer documentation, and much more.

New and Improved Webhook Status Reporting

As we go into 2023, we are striving to deliver improvements to make our platform more developer friendly. To this end, we’ve released a new Webhook Log which displays rich information for each of your webhook events. Now, understand which webhook events belong to, what ID it’s associated with, how many attempts were made, and much more right from the FastSpring platform. 

Not only will you get an overview, but you’ll also be able to view detailed information about the event, including its JSON payload and response history. Further, you can filter based on criteria like event type, status, creation date, and more to better streamline your review of each webhook you’re using. Want to know more? Check out our documentation here.

Collect Payments Through ACH Transfers

Part of a checkout process highlighting the option to pay with ACH

FastSpring now fully supports ACH transactions for all of its sellers. Purchasers in the US or Canada can leverage ACH not only for one-time transactions but also for rebills such as subscriptions.

Take a look at our docs to learn more about this exceptional payment method.

FastSpring is the premier merchant of record (MoR) that manages all the hard parts of transacting globally so you can do what you do best — build exceptional products and develop into the next great global brand. Want to get started? Sign up for free today.

Braden Steel

Braden Steel

Braden is the Senior Product Marketing Manager for FastSpring. When he's not bringing new products to market, he spends his time writing fantasy novels.

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