We Listened to 30 Sales Podcasts and These Are The Clear Winners

Taylor Bond
Taylor Bond
February 22nd, 2019
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Mowing the lawn? Listen to sales podcasts.

Driving to work? Listen to sales podcasts.

Doing nothing? I think you get it.

The podcast has revolutionized learning for millions of people, and we’ve compiled a list of fantastic sales podcasts that are waiting for you to listen and learn.

Sales Babble

Host: Pat Helmers (international business consultant, technology startup coach, author of the Selling With Confidence sales system)

Average length/frequency: 25 to 35 minutes, weekly

Why we love it: Pat’s conversations are as humorous as they are relatable. Each episode offers tangible advice that can be applied almost instantly. Episodes cover a wide variety of sales topics, so there’s something for every skill level and interest. They’re the perfect listen for a commute home or lunch break.

Must-listen episode: SaaSy Selling for SaaS Sellers (featuring Director of Product, Bill Wilson!)

Twitter: @PatHelmers

Sales Gravy

Host: Jeb Blount (leading expert in how relationships impact sales)

Average length/frequency: 5 to 10 minutes, weekly

Why we love it: Jeb has a wealth of experience in sales, but the part that had us hooked was the length of his episodes. Almost all of them fall within 5 to 10 minutes (apart from a few interviews). He covers what needs to be said and moves on. They’re great for a quick listen when you may be in a rut or looking for some advice on a specific sales-related topic.

Must-listen episode: A Pony in There Somewhere

Bowery Capital Startup Sales Podcast

Host: The Bowery Capital Team

Average length/frequency: 20 to 30 minutes, 2-3 episodes per month

Why we love it: Each episode features an interview with a senior executive or vice president of a SaaS company, bringing in a wide variety of opinions from all across the industry. On top of this, Bowery provides a write-up of the main points of the interview. If you don’t have the time to listen to the entire 30-minute episode, you can quickly skim over the key takeaways.

Must-listen episode: Optimizing Your Partnerships 

Twitter: @BoweryCapital

B2B Growth Show

Host: James Carbary & the Sweetfish Team

Average length/frequency: 20 to 30 minutes, daily

Why we love it: “We’ve interviewed names you’ve probably heard before… but you’ve probably never heard from the majority of our guests. That’s because the bulk of our interviews aren’t with professional speakers and authors, they’re in the trenches leading sales and marketing teams. They’re implementing strategy, experimenting with tactics, they’re building the fastest growing B2B companies in the world.”

– James Carbary, Founder of Sweetfish Media

Must-listen episode: Ep. 856 – Why B2B Salespeople Need to Build A Personal Brand (And How to Do It)

Twitter: @B2BGrowthShow 

The Advanced Selling Podcast

Hosts: Bill Caskey & Brian Neale

Average length/frequency: 20 minutes, weekly

Why we love it: Bill and Brian have that quirky chemistry that makes any duo great to listen to. Their quick-witted banter and the way they bounce stories off one another makes this podcast a clear winner. Not to mention their audience engagement, fielding calls from listeners and always looking for feedback/new topics.

Must-listen episode: Ep. 518 – It’s A Relief Party

Twitter: @AdvancedSelling 

The Salesman Podcast

Host: Will Barron (one of the most energetic hosts you’ll ever listen to)

Average length/frequency: 40 minutes, twice per week

Why we love it: The ENERGY and PASSION. Will Barron stands out from every other sales podcast host as a guy who is truly invested in the topics and interviews he does (this may be why it’s the world’s most downloaded B2B sales podcast). Barron spends each podcast interviewing leading sales thought leaders and professionals, gleaning them for their best sales tips and stories, and he does so masterfully. The episodes are also available as videos on the Salesman website and being able to watch his body language adds to this already fantastic podcast.

Must-listen episode: Ep. 587 – How To Differentiate Your Product (So You Never Have to Battle On Price!)

Twitter: @SalesmanPodcast 

Sales Pipeline Radio

Host: Matt Heinz (founder of Heinz Marketing)

Average length/frequency: 20 to 30 minutes, weekly

Why we love it: Sales Pipeline Radio doesn’t have a ‘schtick’ or unique traits that make it stand out. What really makes it stand out is its content. After listening to a few episodes, it is blatantly clear that Matt Heinz knows his stuff (and also knows how to interview people). He finds the best interviewees to cover specific topics and is a master at questioning them in a way that gets every ounce of quality information out of them.

Must-listen episode: Cerebral Selling: How Science, Art and Metrics Combine to Exceed Your Sales Quota

Twitter: @HeinzMarketing 

Catalyst Sale Podcast

Hosts: Jody Maberry & Mike Simmons

Average length/frequency: 20 minutes, weekly

Why we love it: Jody and Mike have great chemistry on the show and speak to a wide variety of people when discussing sales-related topics. What’s unique about Catalyst Sale is the ‘Questions Covered’ section that comes with every episode. Interested in the topic and have questions? Take a glance over the list to see if they cover it. It’s like a ‘frequently asked questions’ for each episode, and we love it.

Must-listen episode: Ep. 113 – The Prospect or Client Goes Silent 

Twitter: @simmons_m 

The Sales Engagement Podcast

Hosts: Joe Vignolo & Mark Kosoglow

Average length/frequency:15-30 minutes, a few times per week

Why we love it: This podcast is all about engagement. Focusing on the modern sales era, Joe and Mark keep it conversational when talking about sales. Limiting the jargon and fancy acronyms is essential to connecting with a larger audience. The Sales Engagement Podcast takes their engagement seriously, and definitely practice what they preach within their episodes.

Must-listen episode: Ep. 43 – Become a Master Networker by Asking One Question 

Twitter: @outreach_io 

Taylor Bond

Taylor Bond

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