Employee Spotlight: Delaney Werner, Marketing & HR Rockstar

Delaney Werner
Delaney Werner
July 30th, 2019
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For the past two months, I had the amazing opportunity to work as a Marketing and Human Resource Intern at FastSpring. Although I only got to experience life at FastSpring for a short nine weeks, I had great exposure to the fast-paced and collaborative environment of a growing software company. It was thrilling to be in the midst of such an innovative company, and I can confidently say that I gained a lot from my experience here.

As an intern for both the Marketing and People & Culture departments, I was able to approach and tackle a variety of projects.

As a member of the marketing team, I focused on promoting our new brand and sharing our company’s mission and values. I assisted the marketing team by crafting social media content, designing paid search advertisements, and spearheading our rebrand initiative on social media. I was able to expand my marketing knowledge, learning more about SEO, content writing, and digital advertising. I even picked up marketing technology tools, including Sprout Social, WordPress, and Canva.

Looking back on the marketing projects that I had a chance to work on, there was one project that stood out the most—FastSpring’s rebrand and website relaunch! Immersing myself in the creative and collaborative projects related to our relaunch, allowed me to gain a wealth of insights and understand what exactly is required to complete a successful rebrand. To see the amount of effort that goes into branding, marketing communication, web design, and event planning was a real eye-opener for me.

My involvement in the rebrand included leading our rebranding campaign on FastSpring’s social media accounts. I organized a two-week-long social campaign consisting of posts featuring our updated logo, website, values, and more. From this project, I learned how to strategically grow our brand, engage customers with different creatives, and organically drive more traffic to our website. Working on FastSpring’s marketing team has allowed me to develop a skillset and experience that I know I can utilize in my future endeavors.

As part of FastSpring’s P&C team, I focused on employer branding and recruitment efforts. This included boosting FastSpring’s employer image on social media platforms and recruitment sites such as Glassdoor. Working with multiple departments, I learned cross-disciplinary communication skills and how to build and maintain relationships within the workplace.

In my efforts to promote FastSpring as one of the best places to work on the Central Coast, I was able to experience firsthand the dedication, excitement, and passion of FastSpring’s employees. One of my favorite projects was a social media series, featuring FastSpring employees and their quotes about FastSpring to help fuel our recruitment efforts. I spent time interviewing my coworkers from various departments. Every single individual I interviewed commented on the open and welcoming work environment FastSpring offers and the meaningful relationships they have built here. It was very clear to me that the employees at FastSpring are truly passionate about working here. From employee lunches to Tuesday movie nights, the P&C team does an incredible job of kindling these relationships. I was very fortunate to help the People & Culture team cultivate this friendly work environment and experience the culture firsthand.

FastSpring’s welcoming work environment allowed me to contribute my ideas, grow as an individual, and leave a lasting impact. I have many takeaways from my internship at FastSpring, and here are two that I would like to pass on:

1. Be enthusiastic and eager to learn new skills outside your focus.

I came in as a marketing intern that was supposed to concentrate on content, however, I ended up pushing myself and grasping a little SEO and digital advertising along the way. I took initiative in asking to learn new skills that facilitated my crossover between departments.

2. Get to know your coworkers!

Establishing relationships with your coworkers facilitates communication and productivity while keeping things fun! From lunch outings to happy hour, there was never a dull moment with the Marketing and People & Culture team.

Not only was I able to gain valuable work experience from my time at FastSpring, but I was also greatly impacted by the people. In a short two months, I amplified my professional experience and skillset, found my home at FastSpring, and built friendships that I will continue to cherish.

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