I’m Joining FastSpring as CFO to Build a Great Business and a Great Culture

Mark Lambert
Mark Lambert
September 8th, 2020
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My transition to joining FastSpring as the new Chief Financial Officer did not go exactly how I had planned. In the midst of a global pandemic and nation-wide social unrest, to say I joined the team at an interesting time is an understatement.

Despite all the global and local complexities surrounding our daily lives, one thing has remained constant for me. I am excited to embark on this new chapter in my professional career with FastSpring.

The company is well-positioned to succeed in the global market with a robust platform, strong brand, and hard-working team. FastSpring has a long track record of innovation and growth that I am excited to start contributing towards in my role as Chief Financial Officer.

The role of the Chief Financial Officer is centered on; capital efficiency, general economics, limited resources, and investing most efficiently to get the best ROI. But I would like to expand a bit on this definition with the following three main focus areas.

The first priority is my role as the strategic resource for the CEO, David Nachman, and the Accel-KKR board. I’m here to help provide insights, feedback, and data to shape the decisions surrounding where we want the company to be in three years, five years, and even longer-term. I’m looking forward to having those big picture conversations.

Next is all about owning business operations. It’s not the most glamorous function, but it is critical to the company’s overall success. This means I will oversee the accounting, revenue operations, and legal departments at FastSpring. My goal is to help lay a strong foundation upon which we can build a billion-dollar enterprise.

The third area of focus is my position as a business partner and collaborator with other executives at FastSpring. I am constantly asking myself—how can I support them through data and insights…and sometimes challenging them… to help them be more effective and successful in their individual roles.

To sum it up, I see myself as a strategic partner, operator, and business collaborator. I believe that the keys to success are building a strong business, healthy company culture, and tight relationships with our local community.

After twenty-five years in tech, with the last eight years in SaaS, I am energized by the opportunity FastSpring has to be a leader in the global commerce space, and I am thoroughly impressed by the business model that is in place. Poised under David’s leadership with the support of AKKR and the team, I know great things lie ahead, and I’m looking forward to being part of the group that writes the next chapter of growth at FastSpring.

Mark Lambert

Mark Lambert

Mark Lambert is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at FastSpring and is responsible for the Finance, Revenue Operations, and Legal departments. Lambert brings over a decade of experience in the CFO role at several high-growth technology companies with substantial international footprints. As a newcomer to Santa Barbara, Lambert is enjoying exploring the beaches, mountains, and all that the central coast has to offer.

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