What Successful SaaS Companies Outsource So They Can Scale Faster

Nathan Collier
June 9th, 2022
Estimated read time: 0 minutes, 54 seconds

Speed wins in SaaS.

I sat down with growth expert Frederic Linfjärd, and we talked about the reasons SaaS companies don’t always grow as fast as they could. 

“It’s called growth, but it comes down to speed in the end,” Fred told me. “How fast can you automate things internally so you can focus all your time on your product, the customer value, and really creating a great experience?”

Fred, who is the current director of growth at Planday and an advisor to FastSpring, explains that SaaS companies can scale much faster when they focus development on things that directly add customer value.

Fred has worked with companies of all sizes, from startup to enterprise, and offers specific insights for different stages. In our conversation, I asked him what functions companies could outsource to free up development resources to scale faster. 

Spoiler: Fred is a strong advocate of the merchant of record (MOR) model, so much of his advice centered on why SaaS companies shouldn’t get distracted trying to build payment features in the early stages of growth.

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