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New Seller Welcome Guide


Common questions for new FastSpring Sellers.

As soon as your Store is up and running, we want you to have the most relevant information for new FastSpring Sellers. See the Launch Checklist to learn about requirements to go live with your Store for the first time.

How do I get paid?

Use the FastSpring Payouts Portal to manage how you receive payouts.

When do I get paid?

Most FastSpring clients have a payment frequency of Two per Month. Learn more about Payout Frequency .

How should my Support Team handle customer transaction inquiries?

If your support team receives inquiries from your customers regarding a transaction, advise them to contact us via FastSpring Consumer Support.

When consumers contact us through FastSpring Consumer Support, we can assist with:

  • questions about previous successful or declined orders
  • questions about sales tax or VAT
  • other transaction-related questions

How do I get support for an issue with my Account or Store?

When you cannot find an answer in our Seller Self-Service Resources, or if you need additional information or assistance, the FastSpring Support team is here to help you.

Visit to contact us for additional help related to your account, Stores, reporting, or technical issues.

How do I add my logo to customer-facing emails?

By default, FastSpring automatically sends transactional email messages to your customers, such as email receipts and notifications about subscription charges.

See instructions to include your logo on customer-facing email messages.
Learn more about Default Customer Notification Templates.

How do I run reports?

The Reports menu in the FastSpring App includes options for Orders reports, Subscriptions reports, and Data Exports. Learn more about FastSpring Reports.

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Can I see examples of other FastSpring Checkout experiences?

If you are curious to see what partnering with FastSpring could look like, take a look at FastSpring customer checkout flows to see what’s possible.

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You’re officially on your way to making more money, out-innovating your competitors, and delivering a world-class ecommerce experience for your customers. Welcome aboard and we’re happy to be partnering with you!

All the best,
The FastSpring Team