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The Reports menu in the Dashboard gives you access to Orders Reports and Subscription Reports.


The Reports menu in the Dashboard gives you access to Orders Reports and Subscription Reports.  When you select Reports from the menu at the top of the Dashboard, the Orders tab is selected by default.  You can select the Subscriptions tab to view subscription reports, or select the Events tab to see recent events of all types.


 Tutorial Video

Check out our report on navigating reporting:  How to Navigate Reporting.



From the Reporting dashboard view, you can select which products you would like to see and specify the desired time frame.


After selecting a product and / or specifying a time frame, the data will update in this view for each type of report.  To see a more detailed view of each of the unique reports, click a report tile. For example, clicking the Net Revenue tile will take you to a more detailed view for Net Revenue.

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Once you are in the detailed view of a report, you can select the desired products and time frame to report on, just as you did on the initial dashboard view.  Additionally, the report can display multiple reporting periods (e.g. "same period last month") for comparison, and / or break down the data further by selecting different criteria in those two sections of the report.

The Break Down options include:  product, product variation, relationship, coupon / product discount, coupon code, and country.  Selecting "relationship" will allow you to see a product breakdown and for each product, an indicator as to whether it was sold directly or as a cross-sell or upsell offering.


The reports can also be downloaded into a .CSV file format by selecting the download symbol in the upper right-hand corner.

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Placing your mouse cursor over any point on the graph will reveal the data associated with that point in time.

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Clicking the information symbol at the top of a report will display a definition of each of the selected metrics. You can also click the drop down next to the selected metric and choose additional metrics to be displayed alongside it.

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To exit a report or to go back to the reporting dashboard, click the "back" arrow at the top left-hand corner or select the Reports menu at the top of the page.

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If you need to run a data export, click the Data Exports tab of the main Reports menu.


In case you previously used Springboard reporting and you want to access the legacy reporting system for your Contextual Store, first click the Data Exports tab and then click OPTIONS -> Original Reporting.

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