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Changing Subscription Notification and Cancellation Settings


This article discusses how you can change the subscription notification and cancellation settings for a subscription product, and how those changes can automatically be applied to existing subscription instances.

Changing the payment reminder, payment overdue notification, or cancellation settings in the Notification and Cancellation section of a subscription product's details affects the behavior of future subscriptions created after you save your changes.

However, when you change these settings, you have the option to choose whether or not any currently active customer subscription instances are automatically updated with your changes. A separate checkbox is available for each of these types of changes. The checkbox is selected by default, so upon saving your changes to the subscription product, active subscription instances for the product are automatically modified.

In most cases, nearly all active subscription instances are updated. However, some rules govern the automatic update process (detailed elsewhere in this article), which may result in some active subscriptions not being updated.


Keep in mind that you can also change these settings for individual subscription instances by editing the subscriptions manually if need be.


Controlling Automatic Updates of Active Subscriptions

When you make changes in the Send payment reminder, Send payment overdue notification or Cancel subscription fields, checkboxes appear to let you choose whether or not to apply your changes to active subscriptions for the product. These checkboxes are selected by default. For fields with no changes, these additional "Apply change" checkboxes (highlighted in the example image below) do not appear.

In the illustration below, changes have been made in all three fields. If any of the fields had had no changes, the Apply <type> change to active subscriptions check boxes highlighted in the illustration would not be present beneath those fields.

  • If you want to apply your changes to active subscriptions, leave the corresponding Apply <type> change to active subscriptions checkbox(es) selected. 
  • If you do not want your changes to affect active subscriptions, uncheck or deselect the Apply <type> change to active subscriptions checkbox(es).


Keep in mind that leaving these checkboxes selected will affect ALL (or nearly all) existing active subscriptions for the product when you save the changes. Consider whether or not there might be some active customer subscriptions to which you do not want the changes applied. If there are, you can manually change those subscriptions back, after-the-fact. However, it might be preferable to simply uncheck/deselect the Apply <type> change to active subscriptions checkbox(es). Then you can manually change those subscriptions to which you do want the changes applied.

If you leave any of the Apply <type> change to active subscriptions checkboxes selected, then when you click Save at the bottom of the Edit Subscription Notifications and Cancellation dialog, you may see a progress indicator appear as the system updates active subscriptions for the product. This process may take some time, depending on how many active subscriptions exist for the affected product. Once that has completed, click Close.  The subscription detail page displays a confirmation that the changes have been processed.

On the Events tab of the Activity menu, a single event appears for each type of change made. 

You can click into the row to see additional details of the changes that were made, including the login ID of the user who made the changes.


Rules Governing the Automatic Update Process

When you select the Apply payment reminder change to active subscriptions checkbox, the system determines the next payment reminder dates on active subscriptions for the product according to the following rules: 

  • If the payment reminder has already been sent for the upcoming payment, do not send another payment reminder. Set the payment reminder for all future reminders based on the new values.
  • If the payment reminder has not been sent but based on the change, it would have been sent previously, then the reminder should be sent with the next set of reminders (i.e., no later than the next day).
  • If the payment reminder has not been sent and the new date for the reminder is in the future, the reminder will not be sent until the new reminder date.

When you select the Apply overdue notification change to active subscriptions checkbox, the system updates active subscriptions for the product according to the following rules:

  • Changes are only applied to subscriptions that are not currently overdue.
  • Should a subscription become overdue, the new interval and frequencies will be used.

When you select the Apply cancellation change to existing subscriptions checkbox in the Cancellation section, the system updates active subscriptions for the product according to the following rule:

  • Changes are not applied to subscriptions that already have a cancellation date. Those subscriptions continue to use the existing cancellation date.