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Order Flow

Regardless of whether you use a Popup or Web Storefront, customers experience the following order of events at checkout:

  1. Configure a Checkout Experience
  2. Initiate a Checkout Session
  3. Payment Processing
  4. Fulfillment
  5. Completed Orders

Configure a Checkout Experience

After a customer selects a product from your website, you can customize how they access their cart, and proceed to checkout. Their experience will vary depending on the type of checkout experience you configure, and the currency and localization settings for your store.

Web Storefronts:

Popup Storefronts:

The customer will apply contact and payment information to the checkout session. This information varies depending on your accepted payment methods, the customer location, and the associated language and currency. 

Initiate a Checkout Session

You can also initiate a checkout session on behalf of your customers. Use any resources below to configure order information. 

FastSpring Processes the Payment

After the customer successfully submits payment information, FastSpring follows the steps below to validate the payment and provide applicable fulfillments. 

  1. FastSpring analyzes the transaction details for potential fraud and risk factors
  2. If the order fails risk check, FastSpring cancels the order and will notify you using the order.failed webhook
  3. If the order passes the risk check, FastSpring will process the payment
  4. FastSpring sends the customer the configured fulfillments for each of their products
  5. This order displays as completed in the Orders page of the app

Underpaid Wire Transfers

Due to bank fees or charges, FastSpring might receive wire transfer payment short of the order total. If a wire transfer wire is underpaid by 2% and $20USD, FastSpring will automatically complete the order.

This threshold is the default minimum, and cannot be lowered. You can raise either the percentage or the amount of the threshold by contacting FastSpring Support.

The Customer Receives their Fulfillment

After FastSpring successfully processes the payment, FastSpring sends them the configured fulfillment for each product in the order. Customers typically receive their fulfillment via email, however they can also access it from the Account Management portal. For unsuccessful fulfillments, FastSpring sends the fulfillment.failed webhook. 

Completed Orders

You can access completed order information from the Orders page of the FastSpring App. FastSpring will send the order.completed webhook to notify you after a successful order.