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Overview of the Pricing Components and how to add them to your Interactive Quote

Components are products and services that your company offers in addition to the Pricing Tiers. These are additional items in the Interactive Quote that affect the total price when selected. Unlike Features, you can set a price for each Tier separately. Sellers can pre-set the components as optional, mandatory, pre-selected, and add ranges which the prospect can choose from.


When configuring your Interactive Quote, the Component Sections house your Variable Pricing, Add-Ons and additional components that offer sellers more flexibility in what they can present and how to present it.

Types of Component Sections

Component Sections that you can add to your Interactive Quote include: Base Price, Variable Price, Combined Price, Single-Select Price, Video Block and Text Block. You can add as many of each Component as Desired. Drag the Component in the quote’s configuration page to customize its placement on the quote.

Base Price

If a prospect is offered a Base-Price Component in their Quote, they can select or deselect the checkbox to add this to their total. In the example below, if the prospect selects the Base Price Example, they will owe $80.40 at checkout.

Variable Price

Utilize Variable Pricing to enable your prospects to determine what quantity they want. This enables you to create the unit and set its price while the prospect adjusts the quantity in their Order. There are four models of Variable Pricing:

  • Per Unit - Prices products based on a per-unit quantity, such as the number of users. The unit price remains the same no matter how many units the consumer purchases. 
  • Tiered - Segments the quantity into brackets with customized prices. Each bracket has a preset quantity range, and a price per unit for that range. Based on the quantity your prospect chooses, the appropriate price per bracket will be charged.
  • Volume - The price of the unit changes according to the quantity purchased. Unlike Tiered Pricing, where the units may have varying prices based on the tier, all units are the same price.
  • Stair Step - Assign a price to a bracketed amount of units, instead of individual units. This allows your prospect to have flexibility in the number of units while maintaining a consistent price until another bracket level is necessary.

Variable Pricing enables you to give consumers the option to add more units to their Pricing Tier of choice. In the example below, the prospect can add more users for $10 per user every month. The total price on the right adjusts accordingly.

Combined Price

A Combined Price Component enables you to apply a Base Price and a Variable Price to your Quote. This allows you to sell the product for a Base Price (or Starting Price), and implement a Variable Price based on the number of users the prospect is interested in purchasing access for.

Single-Select Price

Consumers can choose one additional service from multiple options. This appears within a drop-down, as shown below:

To enable consumers to purchase multiple additional items, consider configuring a Base Price Component for each one.

Video Block

Add the URL of a video that prospects can watch when reviewing the quote. Examples include a video about your company, or a walkthrough of the product. The video will appear in your quote, and prospects can click on it to watch in full screen.

This feature supports media from:
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • SoundCloud
  • Streamable videos
  • Vimeo videos
  • DailyMotion
  • Vidyard
  • Kaltura

Text Block

Utilize the Text Box Component to include relevant notes to your prospects with a rich text editor. The maximum character limit is 50,000 characters.

Add a Component to your Quote

  1. On the Interactive Quotes homepage, click the blue + icon to create a new quote. 
  2. Configure the quote Setup and Pricing Tiers sections in order to utilize the Preview section in the Components.
  3. In the Components Sections, select Add Component. A menu appears. 
  4. Select whether to display your components in one or two columns. The examples above display components in two columns.
  5. Select the most applicable Pricing Component for the additional offer. 
  6. Repeat this process for each Component you wish to add. 
When configuring your Interactive Quote, drag the component sections up or down to customize the position on your quote.