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Consumer-Facing Emails


Emails that FastSpring sends to your consumers after purchases

FastSpring automatically sends transaction emails (such as order receipts, notifications of subscription activity, and account management login links) to consumers from You do not need to send additional notifications to your consumers. You can customize FastSpring’s messages via the FastSpring App.

From the Store Settings section of your Storefront, you can customize email settings including:

  • Reply-to address
  • From Name
  • Email System

To further customize the emails that your consumers receive, select the New Email System template to edit the template that FastSpring sends.

Subscription Reminders

For subscriptions with free trial periods longer than 3 days, FastSpring automatically sends the consumer a reminder message before the initial charge to the consumer's payment account. For subscriptions with recurring charges, you can control if and when FastSpring sends pre-billing reminder messages. For more information, see Subscription Pricing.

Payment Reminders

FastSpring does not send payment reminders for wire and invoice transactions. We send an initial message to the consumer to indicate that payment is required and provide instructions to make payment.

Customize FastSpring’s Emails

To customize emails that FastSpring sends to consumers, see Customer Notifications for an overview, and Template Reference for detailed information about editing the email message templates. 

As the merchant of record, FastSpring may be obligated to send certain messages to consumers. You cannot control which messages FastSpring sends, however if you have a special case with a need to suppress a specific message, Contact Support

Generate Your Own Email

If you want to send your own email receipts to consumers you can, however this is not necessary. In rare cases, additional information may be needed in the Post Order Instructions field of a Product or Subscriptions. In such cases it is useful to subscribe to the order.completed and subscription.charge.completed webhook events. Then, you can design a script to parse the event data and automatically generate email messages to the consumers.

Example Emails

To learn how to customize email templates, see Customer Notifications

  • Charge Completed - sent following a successful charge on a subscription, such as a scheduled monthly payment
  • Charge Failed - sent following a declined or failed charge on a subscription, such as a scheduled monthly payment
  • Default Order Receipt - sent following a successful purchase. By default, the message contains all receipt information and fulfilment details. You can edit this by going to Settings > Customer Emails and selecting the Default Order Receipt.
  • Default Gift Purchaser Receipt - sent to the purchaser of a Gift Purchase following a successful order
  • Default Gift Recipient Fulfillment - sent to the recipient of a Gift Purchase following a successful order
  • Login URL - sent when a consumer visits the Account Management site on your Storefront and requests a secure login link
  • Order Pending Approval - sent to a buyer who has submitted a Purchase Order when the Require Approval configuration option has been set for purchase orders in the Store
  • Order Canceled - sent to a buyer when Purchase Orders are enabled for you account with the Require Approval configuration, and you cancel the buyer’s pending Purchase Order
  • Payment Overdue - optionally sent following a declined or failed charge on a subscription when the payment is past due. You can control the timing and number of these optional messages via the Pricing field of the subscription product.
  • Payment Reminder - optionally sent before a scheduled subscription charge. You can control the timing of these optional messages via the Pricing field of the subscription product.
  • Payment Required for the Order - sent to a buyer following the submission of an order that requires a manual payment, such as a wire transfer order. This is not a recurring email.
  • Subscription Activated - sent following a new subscription purchase, containing information about the subscription, including the payment schedule, next payment date, and next payment amount. FastSpring sends this email in addition to the Order Receipt email message.
  • Subscription Canceled - sent when a subscription has been canceled. Cancellation does not always imply deactivation of the subscription. For example, if the consumer cancels a subscription via Account Management, the subscription is not deactivated until the next payment date. 
  • Subscription Deactivated - sent following the deactivation of a subscription. Deactivation can occur upon reaching the next payment date for a subscription that a consumer canceled. It can also occur if you cancel a subscription via the FastSpring App and choose
  • Subscription Updated - sent after you update a subscription via the FastSpring App or the FastSpring API. This is not sent if the consumer updates the payment method via Account Management.
  • Trial Reminder - sent before the expiration of a subscription’s optional free trial period. It is typically sent three days prior to the first payment.