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This article describes how you can create, edit, and manage coupons to generate promotional discounts for your customers.

From the Coupons menu in the FastSpring App, you can create a coupon to be used by customers. Creating a coupon allows you to offer a promotional product discount to a select group of customers. Only those customers who have a coupon code (sometimes called a promotion code) can take advantage of the offer. You can create as many different coupons as you need.

To use a coupon, customers must enter a valid coupon ID in the Coupon Code/Promotional Code field of your Storefront. Customers can use coupons in Web Storefronts or Popup Storefronts. You can also apply coupons to order sessions using the Store Builder Library or the FastSpring API.

On a Web Storefront, the Coupon Code field can appear in one of a few different locations. Here is an example of the Coupon Code field on the Homepage of a Web Storefront.

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To Create a Coupon

  1. From the FastSpring App, select the Coupons menu.
  2. Click .
  3. The Create Coupon dialog appears.

  4. In the Coupon ID field, enter an ID that can help you identify this coupon in the future. This field accepts only letters, numerals, dashes, and underscores. The value entered here will be used in reporting, and it need not be part of the coupon code(s) that customers can enter.
  5. The discount type selector has a default value of Percent Off. Clicking the drop-down lets you choose whether the FastSpring calculates the discount amount as a percentage of the order total, or always applies a specific discount amount. If you want the coupon to provide a specific discount amount, select Amount Off instead.


    Regardless of whether you select Percent Off or Amount Off, the discount calculation applies to all quantities of eligible products selected by the customer.

    For example, if you specify 20% off and the customer purchases a quantity of three of an eligible product, the 20% discount applies to all three - not just the first item.

    Similarly, if you specify an Amount Off of $10 and a customer purchases a quantity of three of an eligible product, the total discount amount is $30 (i.e., $10 * 3).

    Currently, it is not possible to limit the coupon discount to apply only to a certain quantity or to specify the total discount amount for an entire order.

  6. In the field next to the discount type selector, enter the coupon's discount percentage or discount amount. If you have selected Amount Off in the previous field, you can enter a specific discount amount in each currency supported by your Store.
  7. The Coupon Codes which will trigger the discount field is where you provide a code (or a list of codes) that must be entered by customers to use the coupon. If you enter more than one code, please include a separate code on each line. This field is considered case-insensitive and accepts letters, numerals, dashes, and underscores.


    If you want to have just one coupon code that all customers can use, you may do so. By default, FastSpring will accept the codes you provide here an unlimited number of times unless you edit the coupon and enter a value in the Limit Coupon by Number of Uses field.

  8. Click Add to complete the initial coupon creation. After completing coupon creation, you should edit the coupon for more control over the promotional offer.

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The Search field near the top of the Coupons tab lets you search the list of coupons, and you can sort the list using the Sort By field.

Using the Search field, you can search for a coupon using either the coupon ID or one of the coupon codes associated with the coupon. As you type the coupon ID or code you are looking for, the list of coupons on the page is automatically filtered to include only coupons matching the text you have entered. The search is case-insensitive and does not support the use of wildcards.

By clicking the Sort By drop-down selector, you can sort the list by the coupon names, Start Date or End Date. By default, the list is sorted by Name.

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To Edit a Coupon

  1. From the FastSpring App, select the Coupons menu.
  2. In the card of the coupon you want to edit, click Edit Discount.

  3. The Edit Discount dialog appears. You can adjust the amount (or percentage) of the coupon discount in the topmost section of the window. The discount type (percent or amount) defaults to its most recently saved value, but you can change that if need be.

  4. If customers can apply the coupon to subscriptions, the Discount duration field lets you control the total number of billings that will receive the discount. Enter 1 if you only want the very first transaction to receive the discount; enter 2 if you want the first two transactions to get the discount, and so on. The field is set to "Unlimited" by default, which means the coupon will apply to ALL future subscription billings. If you set a different value and later need to change it to "Unlimited," simply delete the field's value (do not enter 0).

  5. The Combine Discounts checkbox controls whether or not the coupon discount can be applied when there is already a product-level discount (i.e., a discount configured in the product's Pricing field). Select this checkbox if you want both the coupon discount and the product-level discount to apply. Clear this checkbox if you do not want the coupon to apply when a product-level discount is in effect.

  6. In the Applied Discount Reason field, you can optionally enter an explanation for the discount. Customers who apply the coupon will see the text entered here on the Web Storefront. For example, for a holiday-themed coupon, you might enter a reason such as "Holiday Sale!". You can optionally click the language drop-down selector and enter the reason in each desired language.

  7. The Limit Coupon by Number of Uses field lets you specify how many times each coupon code can be used for this coupon ID. Selecting this checkbox causes an additional field to appear, where you can specify the limit. For example, if you select this checkbox and enter 1, FastSpring will only accept each code a single time (so be sure to provide plenty of coupon codes). If this checkbox is not selected, each coupon code will be accepted an unlimited number of times.


    Adding usage limitations applies only to orders with coupons that occur after you have saved the change. Orders that had a discount from a specific coupon code before you added the limitation do not count against the total number of uses allowed for that code.


    When placing test orders, you can use a coupon code an unlimited number of times regardless of this setting. Using a coupon code in a test order does not count against the usage limitations for that code.

  8. The Limit Promotion Availability by Dates field allows you to optionally specify a date range before or after which FastSpring will not accept the coupon for new purchases. Selecting this checkbox causes new fields to appear so that you can enter the Start DateStart TimeEnd Date, and End Time for this promotion. Clicking any of these fields opens a calendar date selector tool. You are not required to enter any of these values. If you do not enter dates, the coupon will be valid indefinitely.

  9. The Products field lets you restrict the discount to specific products, bundles, or subscriptions. By default, FastSpring applies the discount to all items in an order. However, if you want the discount to apply to only certain specific items, you can use this field to list those items. Products not on this list will not have the discount applied to them.
    1. Click the field and begin typing the name of the first item to which the discount applies. Search results instantly appear below the field. As you type, the scope of the search results narrows down, and you can use your mouse or your keyboard to select the desired item from the search results. You can repeat this process as many times as needed until all products are listed.
    2. If you want the coupon to apply to all products except for a few specific items, you can click the Select All link. Then, use the Remove link next to any product to remove it from this list.
    3. Similarly, if there are multiple products listed for a coupon and you only want the discount to apply to a few specific items, you can click the Remove All link. This link lets you remove all products from the coupon without having to click Remove next to each item. Then, just add the products to which the discount can apply.

  10. If the Products field is empty–meaning that the coupon can apply to any product–you can still prevent the cost of the optional Extended Download Service and the optional shipping fee from being reduced by the coupon discount. By default, the Does not apply to Extended Download Service and Does not apply to Shipping Fee checkboxes are not selected. In case you do not want the coupon discount to be applied to the cost of the Extended Download Service or the shipping fee, clear the corresponding checkbox(es).



    If you have specified at least one product in the Products field, these checkboxes do not appear. The coupon discount can only be applied to the specified product(s), and not to the Extended Download Service or shipping fee.
  11. Click Save to save your changes and finish editing the coupon.

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To Delete a Coupon

  1. From the FastSpring App, select the Coupons menu.
  2. In the card of the coupon that you want to delete, click the More drop-down command and then select Delete.

  3. Click Delete when prompted to confirm that you want to delete the coupon.


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To Manage Codes for an Existing Coupon

  1. From the FastSpring App, select the Coupons menu.
  2. In the card of the coupon whose codes you need to manage, click one of the following commands:

View CodesView a list of all remaining valid coupon codes for this coupon, including the number of uses remaining for each.
Add CodesAdd new coupon codes to this coupon; the character limitations that apply during coupon editing apply here as well.
Remove CodesSpecify coupon codes to be removed from this coupon, preventing those codes from being accepted for future orders.
Disabled CodesView a list of all valid coupon codes - not deleted codes - that will no longer be accepted because the limit of their uses has been reached.

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