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Create and Edit a Subscription

Table of Contents

When you create a Subscription, you first input the contents of the subscription definition, including:

  • Name
  • Product Path
  • Frequency of charges
  • Payment amount
  • Duration of the payment 

These contents are what FastSpring uses to internally identify the subscription. For this reason, the product path is not editable after the initial creation, however all other fields are. After the subscription is in your Store, you can edit it to configure additional settings, including: fulfillment, customer-facing notifications, set-up fees or free trial periods, and advanced scheduling capabilities. 

All subscriptions with automatic renewals require payment information, at the time of sign-up. This way, FastSpring can automatically charge the customer for future payments. Because of this, wire transfers and invoices are not acceptable payment methods, unless it is a Manual Renewal Subscription.

Create a Subscription

You can also create a subscription by posting to the FastSpring API.

  1. In the FastSpring App, navigate to Products > Subscriptions. Click Create Subscription in the top, right corner. The Create Subscription popup appears.
  2. Under Subscription Name, enter the title of the subscription. Click the drop-down language selector to enter the subscription name in additional languages. 
  3. In the Product Path field, a default value is automatically created based on the product title to identify the product internally and create a corresponding Product Page URL. Adjust the product path if desired; it cannot contain spaces, punctuation, or special characters. After the subscription is saved, this field is not adjustable. 
  4. In the Summary field, optionally enter descriptive text about the subscription. This appears on your Web Storefront, and you can access it through the Store Builder Library.
  5. Click the Billing Cycle drop-down to select the rebilling frequency. 
  6. In the Price field, enter the amount that FastSpring will charge each billing cycle in your Store’s default currency. Select All Currencies to enter prices in additional currencies. See Currencies, Conversions and Taxes for more information.
  7. Click Create. Your page returns to the Subscriptions tab of the Products menu, with a confirmation message.

After the subscription is created, you can edit additional fields by accessing it’s Details Page.

Edit a Subscription

In the FastSpring App, navigate to Products > Subscriptions. Click on the Subscription you wish to edit to access its Details page. The Subscription Details page is divided into sections of related subscription attributes. Click the Edit button on any section to adjust or configure the fields in it.


  • Public / Private – Click the blue drop-down to control whether or not the subscription is visible to customers. If you select Private, the subscription can only be purchased when offered as a Product Option of a public product or subscription. Attempting to view the product page of a private subscription results in an “inaccessible” message. 
  • Product Path – The Product Path (or Product ID) is not editable after the subscription has been created, as this identifies the subscription in your FastSpring Store and in the URL of the product page. 
  • Display – Edit the customer-facing Subscription Name for this product. Click the language drop-down to enter it in additional languages. 
  • Summary – Enter a brief description of the subscription. This text appears on the Homepage and the product page in a Web Storefront. Use the Long Description field if you want to provide a large amount of text about the subscription. This field accepts markdown.
  • Icon – Click the field label to upload a product image, such as a box shot or screenshot. Click Choose File and browse to and select an image file on your network or your local computer, and then click Save.
    • Supported image file formats include .png, .jpg, .gif. Web Storefronts can display an image file with a size of up to 256 x 256 pixels. The Popup Storefront Carts can display an image as large as 46 x 46 pixels. If the image you upload is too large or too small, the Storefront page automatically resizes it to fit.

Pricing and Discounts

Click Edit to adjust the subscription’s pricing and rebilling settings. A popup will appear. After you configure your pricing, you can optionally apply a product-level discount to the subscription. This discount will apply to each purchase of the subscription, and can be paired with coupons. See Subscription Discounts for more information.

  • Standard or Managed – For automatic renewal subscriptions, click Standard. Managed subscription rebills take place manually. 
  • Charge Interval – Select how often you want FastSpring to charge consumers for the subscription
  • Free Trial Days – Free Trials are optional features for your subscriptions. To include one, enter the number of days you want the free trial to last.
  • Length –  Input the number of rebills for the subscription. This will include the first charge incurred during the order, unless it was a Free Trial. Free Trials do not count as a rebill. 
    • If FastSpring has enabled Advanced Subscription Scheduling in your Store, selecting Rebill for X periods presents you with a drop-down selector to let you control what happens after the final billing (deactivate or renew into a different product). 
  • Unit Price – Enter the price of each rebill in your Store’s default currency. Optionally enter the price in additional supported currencies. If you choose to leave these blank, FastSpring automatically converts the base price for you. 
    • If you are updating the original subscription price, the change will only apply to future subscriptions. Existing customers will be rebilled for the price they originally paid.  
  • One-Time Setup Fee – Select this radio button to enable a one-time additional charge for setting up the subscription. This fee will appear as a separate, required item when a consumer adds this subscription to the order; it will not be included in future rebills. Optionally, enter text to display on your Storefront when the setup fee is applied.
  • Default Quantity – Enter the number of subscriptions included by default. You can enable or disable consumers from editing this field via the radio buttons below. 
  • Discount –  Click the Edit button to specify a product discount, including volume discounts.​​​​​


For Subscriptions, Fulfillments may be a license key, product download, or other digital means of accessing a licensed product or SaaS.

  1. Click Add New Fulfillment to configure fulfillment settings for the subscription. The Add Fulfillment Action page opens.
  2. Select the radio button of the fulfillment action you want to add, then click Next.
    • Send Email – (Uncommon) instructs FastSpring to send an additional email message to the consumer containing applicable fulfillment details. This legacy option is maintained for backward compatibility, and is no longer necessary since the receipt email message automatically includes fulfillment details. We do not recommend selecting this option unless instructed by FastSpring Support.
    • Generate a License – Click Choose a generator to select an available generation method to generate a license key for the customer.
    • Provide a File Download – Upload a product file that will be served to consumers as a download upon completion of a purchase for this product.
    • Create a Signed PDF – Upload a PDF file that will be stamped by FastSpring with each consumer's name and order information. The stamped PDF file will be served to consumers as a download upon completion of a purchase for this product.
  3. Follow the prompts to complete the configuration of the selected fulfillment action.

Notifications & Cancellation

In the Notifications & Cancellation section, you have the option to configure email notifications for FastSpring to automatically send to the consumer, and control the timing of subscription cancellation due to a declined rebill. We encourage you to enable payment reminders, as these reduce the occurrence of disputes and chargebacks.

If you are editing an existing subscription, changing the payment reminder, payment overdue, and subscription cancellation notifications only affects the behavior of future purchases. To apply these to currently active subscriptions, select the Apply to active subscriptions checkbox below the edited fields. These changes will apply to all active and future subscriptions with the exception of overdue subscriptions and active subscriptions with preexisting cancelation dates; those subscriptions keep their original cancelation date.

Click Edit under Notifications & Cancellation. A popup window appears.

  • Send payment reminder – If selected, FastSpring sends pre-billing reminder emails to the consumer. Enter the number of days, weeks, months, or years in advance of each scheduled payment to send the reminder message. The default value is 1 day.
    • To send multiple reminder messages before each billing, click Add Reminder and repeat this process up to 4 times. Click Remove to discontinue additional reminders.
  • Send payment overdue notification – If selected, FastSpring sends an email to the customer when their payment fails. This gives them a chance to resolve the payment issue before the subscription is canceled. Enter the number of days, weeks, months, or years after the payment failure to send an overdue payment notification. 
    • To send multiple notices before FastSpring cancels the Subscription, click Add Reminder. You can also control the total number of notices that FastSpring will send before canceling the subscription automatically. The default values send notifications every 2 weeks for 10 weeks.
  • Cancellation – If Send payment overdue notification messages is not selected, enter the amount of time that the subscription will remain active from the date of the failed payment. If it is selected, enter the amount of time that the subscription will remain active from the date of the last overdue payment notification. The default value for both scenarios is 2 weeks.

Related Offers & Add-Ons

The Related Offers & Add-Ons section lets you set up promotional offers that appear when a consumer selects the Subscription. Click Add New and then select the type of related offer you want to create.

  • Subscription Add-OnsCombine non-subscription items to your Subscription.
  • Product Options Present Single-Choice options, Multiple-Choice options, or Alternatives to the Subscription during checkout.
  • Product Offers Offer Cross-Sells or Upsells to the consumers during checkout to encourage adding related products to the order.


Configure advanced options for the selected product. Click Edit to open the Edit Advanced Details dialog, and modify any of these properties.

  • SKU – Optionally enter an internal SKU ID or part number so you can identify the subscription using your own system.
  • Long Description – Provide additional text about the subscription in each language. This text can be displayed in a Lightbox that overlays the product page when a consumer selects the Subscription Name in a Web Storefront. This field accepts markdown.
  • EDS – Extended Download Service (EDS) is enabled at the Store level. If it is enabled for your Store, it is enabled by default for all subscriptions that have at least one file download fulfillment action. 
  • Call to Action – By default, the subscription's action button, which selects the subscription and adds it to the cart, is labeled Add. The Call to Action field lets you provide an alternative button label in each supported language. 
  • Post Order Instructions – Provide text that will appear next to this subscription on the Completion Page, following a successful order. This lets customers know what to do next, such as a description of how to download the software or register using the license key. Click the language drop-down to enter the information or instructions in each desired language. This field accepts markdown.


Using the Options button at the top right-hand corner of the product detail page, you can access additional functions related to the selected subscription product.

  • Create Variation – Copy the Subscription in product format, and override individual settings to customize it. You can do this to test discounts for holiday offers, or create a cross-sell for a different product from it.
  • Custom Attributes – Pass additional information about the Subscription that is invisible to the consumer. Attributes do not appear in reporting, but some Webhook Events and responses to FastSpring API requests include them.
  • Delete – permanently delete the Subscription


Delete a Subscription

Deleting a Subscription is permanent and cannot be reversed. Consumers' existing subscription instances are not affected, however no new Subscriptions can be created from the deleted one. After it is deleted, it will no longer appear in the FastSpring App or API responses.

  1. In the FastSpring App, navigate to Products > Subscriptions. Select the subscription you want to delete.
  2. On the subscription details page, click Options > Delete.
  3. Click OK to confirm.