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Create and Send an Interactive Quote


Create and send an Interactive Quote to your prospects.

To learn more about FastSpring Interactive Quotes, contact our Sales Team.

Table of Contents

By creating an Interactive Quote, you can accelerate your B2B and SaaS sales cycle. An Interactive Quote enables the prospect to:

  • Customize the tiers and quantities of their purchase
  • Sign for the purchase directly on the quote
  • See the discounts and highlights you have provided

After you send the Interactive Quote to your prospect, you will be notified when the prospect:

  • Opens an Interactive Quote sent to them
  • Adjusts the selected Tier, or selects / deselects Components
  • Requests a pricing proposal from you based on the Tier and Components they choose
  • Does not view the quote, and it is set to expire soon

By selecting the link in the email notification, or accessing the quote’s details page, you can view the Analytics of the quote. See Analytics or Notifications for more information.

Create an Interactive Quote

As you create your quote, you can preview changes at any time using the Preview button at the top, right corner of the configuration page.

  1. Log in to Interactive Quotes. The Interactive Quotes page automatically opens. 
  2. At the top, right corner, click the blue +. The quote’s configuration page opens. 
  3. Choose between the Modern and Classic layout styles. If you select Modern, choose one of the three pricing positions. 
    • If Admins have configured Templates for your team, optionally select the most appropriate Template. All fields are still customizable. Alternatively, select Blank Template to configure the Interactive Quote from scratch. . 
  4. Apply a Theme Color and an Accent Color to the quote. In the example above, the Theme Color is blue and the Accent Color is gray. Click the + icon next to the colors to apply a hex number, or further customize your color choice.  
  5. In the Setup section, provide a Title for your quote and specify the currency it will be presented in. Optionally add a Tag
  6. Click Associate Quote with CRM to associate the quote with the record of an opportunity on Salesforce, or a deal on HubSpot. This allows you to view the quote’s status in your CRM and pull company and contact information directly from there.
  7. Under Client Company and Contacts, provide the name of the company and prospects for whom you are creating the quote.
  8. Under Notes Visible to Client, add relevant information for your prospect to read when they review the Interactive quote. 
When creating or editing an Interactive Quote, there is an eyeball icon in the top, right corner of each Pricing Tier, Component, and Feature. Click on the eyeball to hide that part from the prospect. This allows you to send an existing quote without deleting parts of it. 

eSignatures and Terms of Service

With eSignatures, you can require prospects to sign your Interactive Quote in order to accept the deal. After the prospect(s) sign, all editing options are disabled. 

  1. In FastSpring Interactive Quotes, navigate to the quote you wish to edit, or create a new quote. 
  2. In the Setup section, navigate to eSignature and click the toggle to require eSignatures. An additional field appears.
  3. Click Add Signer and select from the options: 
    • Add Unnamed Signer - If you are unsure exactly who needs to sign the quote, add an unnamed signer. This is the only option available if you have not specified a Client Company in the field above. 
    • Add New Client Contact - Enter the contact information of the signer, then click Create.
    • Repeat this step until all of the signers are added. 
  4. Below the Notes Visible to Client field, select the Terms of Service toggle to include your company’s Terms of Service. Select Text Block to type them in, or Website URL to direct the prospect to your company’s Terms of Service page. 
  5. Send your Interactive Quote to the prospect. See below for instructions. 

After all signatures are collected, the quote owner and the prospects will be emailed a PDF version of the audit trail. 


FastSpring Interactive Quotes allows you to set up multiple security methods to your quote. Optionally add one or more of these:

  • Quote Expiry - Set up an expiration date for the quote. The expiration will take place in the prospect’s time zone. If prospects do not take action prior to the expiration date, the quote will be automatically disabled. You can choose to show the disabled quote or Expiry Message to prospects when this happens. If you select Expiry Message, the message will inform your prospect of the next steps. Set the Action Button to either email you (the Sales Representative) or redirect to a URL. 
  • Limit Visits - Limit the number of times the prospect may view the quote before it is disabled. 
  • Password Protect - Apply a password to the quote to limit access. 

Call to Action Button

Optionally enable a Call to Action Button in your quote. Input a custom message for the button, and select where the button redirects them to:

  • Pay with FastSpring - Redirect them to a FastSpring Storefront to complete the purchase when they click the button. 
  • Thank You Message - Customize a Thank You message to send to your prospects when they click the button.
  • Redirect to URL - Add a URL and parameters to which your prospects will be redirected when they click the button. 

Pricing Tiers

A Pricing Tier is a plan containing a specific number of features that a company may use when on that plan. Often sellers create multiple pricing tiers for a given product. For example, you can customize 3 pricing tiers to offer consumers the Premium, Basic, and Free versions of a product. Configure up to 5 Pricing Tiers per Interactive Quote.

  1. In the Title field, add a name for the tier. Examples include Premium, Basic, and Free.
  2. In the Price Rendering field, select Price to enter a monetary value (such as $100), or Custom Text to enter text (such as FREE).
    • To change the currency, go to the Setup section.
  3. In the Price field, enter the price of the Tier. Optionally, click the price tag icon to apply a Discount to the price. 
  4. In the Period field, enter the rebill frequency. 
    • Fixed - one-time payment
    • Annually - one subscription rebill per year
    • Quarterly - four subscription rebills per year
    • Monthly - one subscription rebill each month
    • Weekly - one subscription rebill each week
    • Bi-annually - one subscription rebill every two years
    • Semi-annually - two subscription rebills per year
  5. Optionally, provide a Description of the Tier. 
  6. In the Callout field, optionally enter a custom text that will appear at the top of the Tier. Examples include “Most Popular” and “Best Value”.
  7. Optionally, click Add Highlight to add a checkmark next to a Feature or Free Text that you want to highlight.
  8. Click Add Tier to add an additional Pricing Tier. 


Features are services or tools that your company provides with a product. These are listed within each of your Pricing Tiers, and can vary by Tier. 

  1. In the quote configuration page, click Add Feature
  2. Add a Feature Title. This will be the text that appears to the left of the Pricing Tiers. 
  3. At the top, right corner of the Feature section, each Tier is represented by a radio button. Deselect the radio buttons for each Tier that does not include this Feature. 
  4. In the dropdown, select Checkmark or Custom Text
    • Checkmark - a checkmark will appear in each Price Tier this feature is available for. 
    • Custom Text - Add a custom text for each Price Tier this Feature is available for. This is useful if you want to vary the availability of Features.
  5. Add a Description of the Feature. This appears when prospects put their cursor over the ? icon.
  6. Optionally, add one or more Subfeatures. These allow you to expand on what is included within each feature. 


Components are products and services that your company offers in addition to the pricing tiers. Prospects can adjust each component to select the quantity they want to add to their Quote. The pricing adjusts accordingly. 

Before adding Components, configure the quote Setup and Pricing Tiers sections in order to use the Preview section.

  1. In the Components Sections, select Add Component. A menu appears. 
  2. Select whether to display your components in one or two columns. The example above displays components in two columns.
  3. Select the most applicable Pricing Component for the additional offer. 
  4. At the top, right corner of the Component section, each Tier is represented by a radio button. Deselect the radio buttons for each Tier that does not include this Component. 
  5. Repeat this process for each Component.

Duplicate an Interactive Quote

You can duplicate any of your Interactive Quotes, regardless of whether or not they have expired. After you duplicate a quote, all of the fields are still customizable.

  1. In the Interactive Quotes site, navigate to the quote you wish to duplicate. 
  2. On the quote's details page, select the clipboard icon at the top, right corner. A duplicate quote is created with the name Copy of [name of your Interactive Quote]. The configuration page appears. 
  3. In the duplicate quote's configuration page, optionally make changes to the quote.  

Send an Interactive Quote

  1. On the All Quotes page, navigate to the Interactive Quote you want to send. 
  2. Click the three dots, then select Send. A popup appears.
  3. Type in the email address, subject, and message for your prospect. 
  4. Click Send.

Alternatively, select Copy Published Link from the drop-down menu. The link to the quote is automatically copied to your clipboard for you to send to anyone.