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Declined Payments

Order declines and cancelations are often the result of safety precautions taken by FastSpring, or the consumer’s payment provider. Transactions are typically declined due to insufficient funds, inaccurate card information, or suspicion of fraudulent behavior. To better understand why an order was unsuccessful, you can search for the order and review the status and failure details. However, FastSpring has limited knowledge of the reason for each decline; the consumer should contact their provider for full information.

Risk Analysis

Order attempts that fail FastSpring Fraud Detection have an order status of Risk Analysis. Details typically include a Payment Canceled status. If you have questions regarding a specific customer or order attempt, you can contact FastSpring Support.

Canceled and Declined Credit Card Orders

An order may be canceled after passing risk analysis if there are other credit card issues, such as a declined CVV2 code, invalid card information, or insufficient funds. The order status will show as Canceled and the details will include Payment Failed. Customers should contact the credit card issuer for details regarding the decline. To resubmit the order, we recommend that the customer closes all browser windows and starts with a new browser window.

Click on the transaction to access its details page. In the Payments and Returns section, the Method column may provide additional information regarding the declined transaction. The information available is limited to what the credit card issuer provides FastSpring. This may include phrases such as “RESTRICTED,” “INSUFFICIENT_FUNDS,” “not authorized,” or a procedure code such as Proc=110 or Proc=430285. However, FastSpring does not have any more information.

To fully understand why the order was declined, consumers should contact the credit card company.

Depending on the reasoning, payment failures may result in a Soft Decline or a Restricted Decline.

  • Soft Decline – The bank that issued the card does not approve this transaction right now, but you can try again later. When this happens, FastSpring attempts to route the transaction through a different processing network for approval.
  • Restricted Decline –  Restricted declines imply that the card used was invalid. This may be linked to fraudulent activity that caused the bank to deactivate the card. Typically, cards with Restricted declines are not accepted for any transaction moving forward.

User Error

The consumer may have incorrectly entered their credit card information. If this is the case, they can submit a new order.

Declined Credit Card CVV2 Code

If the details in the Method column mention CVV, the credit card issuer is stating that the CVV2 security code that the consumer entered is inaccurate. Consumers should re-enter the information correctly.

Pre-Authorization Charges

A consumer may receive a charge on their credit card after a declined purchase attempt. This is a temporary hold that the cardholder is not responsible to pay for; the charge will go away within 5 – 10 business days.

Declined PayPal Orders

A Failed status in the Payments and Returns section of a PayPal order indicates that the funding source from the consumers PayPal account was declined. The Method column provides information that is available to FastSpring. PayPal does not typically provide details.

Reasons for declined PayPal Orders include:

  • Unconfirmed billing address associated with the payment method
  • Transaction exceeds the limit
  • Credit card company declined the transaction

Customers can select an alternative funding source within PayPal to complete the transaction.

Customer-Facing Messaging

When a transaction fails or is declined, FastSpring displays a message to the customer. The contents of the message can help them understand the underlying cause of the failed or declined transaction.

Credit Card Errors

  • Your credit card was declined. Please try another card, or choose a different form of payment. FastSpring was not provided a detailed decline reason. The customer should contact the card’s issuing bank to resolve this issue or choose a different payment method to complete the order.
  • We regret that your order could not be accepted. We value your business and would like to help you complete this order. Please contact us for assistance. There was a fraud decline by the card issuer or FastSpring. The customer should contact Consumer Support.
  • Your credit card was declined. Please try another card, or choose a different form of payment. There are insufficient funds on the card, the card and currency do not match, or the payment exceeds the card limit. The customer should try an alternative payment method.
  • Your credit card security code (CVC) is invalid. The customer should re-enter the CVC code.

PayPal Errors

  • An unexpected error occurred, and we are not currently able to accept payment. The transaction exceeded the customer’s limit. They should contact the bank that issues the card associated with the PayPal account.

Amazon Pay Errors

  • An unexpected error occurred, and we are not currently able to accept payment. The order amount is too high. The customer should use a different payment method.