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Examples of Customer-Facing Email Messages


This article provides examples (in download PDF form) of the various email messages that FastSpring sends to customers for transaction, subscription, and account-related purposes.


FastSpring will automatically send transactional email messages (such as order receipts, notifications of subscription activity, and account management login links) to customers, from our address This article provides examples of those messages in downloadable PDF format.

You can customize the sender name and the reply-to address used for these messages via Settings → Store Settings.



If you need to send certain types of messages to your customers directly and not have FastSpring send them, please contact FastSpring Support to discuss your needs.

This article provides examples of each of the customer-facing email messages that can be customized via the Dashboard. The examples are provided in PDF format for maximum accessibility.


If you do not have software that lets you open PDF files on your computer, please visit to download Adobe Reader DC for free.

Email message templates can be edited by selecting the Settings menu and then selecting Customer Notifications. Currently, templates can be edited for certain order-related email messages and for all subscription-related messages, as well as the account management login link message. For more information, please see Customer Notifications.

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The order receipt email message template is only used if the New Email System has been enabled for your Store. 
Charge completed.pdfSent following a successful charge on a subscription (e.g. a scheduled payment on a monthly a subscription)Charge Completed
Charge failed.pdfSent following a declined or failed charge on a subscription (e.g., a scheduled payment on a monthly subscription)Charge Failed
Email receipt.pdf

Sent following a successful purchase; message contains all receipt information and applicable fulfillment details (by default)

*Edited by selecting the Successful Order page on the left-hand side of the Settings > Customer Notifications sub-menu.

 Tutorial Video

Check out our tutorial video on adding your logo to customer-facing email receipts: How to Add Your Logo to Customer-Facing Email Receipts.

Default Order Receipt*


Gift purchaser receipt.pdf

Sent to the purchaser of a gift purchase following a successful order.Default Gift Purchaser Receipt

Gift recipient fulfillment.pdf

Sent to the recipient of a gift purchase following a successful order.Default Gift Recipient Fulfillment
Login URL.pdfSent when a customer visits the account management site on your Storefront and requests a secure login link.Login URL
Order pending approval.pdfSent to a buyer who has submitted a purchase order transaction, when the Require Approval configuration option has been set for purchase orders in the Store.Order Pending Approval
Order canceled.pdfSent to a buyer when purchase orders are enabled for your account with the Require Approval configuration, and you cancel the buyer's pending PO order.Order Canceled
Payment overdue.pdfAn optional message sent following a declined or failed charge on a subscription when the payment is past due. 
The timing and the number of these optional messages to be sent can be controlled via the Pricing field of the subscription product.
Payment Overdue
Payment reminder.pdfAn optional reminder message sent prior to a scheduled subscription charge (e.g. before a monthly subscription payment is processed). 
The timing of these optional messages can be controlled via the Pricing field of the subscription product.
Payment Reminder
Payment required for the order.pdfSent to a buyer following submission of an order that requires a manual payment (e.g. a wire transfer order).Payment Required for the Order
Subscription activated.pdfSent following a new subscription purchase. 
Contains information about the subscription, such as the payment schedule, next payment date and next payment amount. 
This message is sent in addition to the order receipt email message.
Subscription canceled.pdf

Sent when a subscription has been canceled (e.g. by the customer via Account Management or by the seller via the Dashboard).

Cancellation does not necessarily imply deactivation of the subscription.

For example, if the customer cancels a subscription via Account Management, the subscription will not be deactivated until the next scheduled payment date.

Subscription deactivated.pdfSent following deactivation of a subscription (e.g. upon reaching the next payment date for a subscription canceled by the customer, or upon cancelation by the seller via the Dashboard if the option to deactivate immediately has been selected).Deactivated
Subscription updated.pdf

Sent following update of a subscription by the seller (e.g. if the seller edits an active subscription instance via the Dashboard).


This message is not sent if the customer updates the payment method on a subscription via Account Management.
Trial reminder.pdfSent prior to the expiration of a subscription's optional free trial period, typically three days prior to the first scheduled payment.Trial Reminder

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