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Extended Download Service (EDS)

By default, a product with a download fulfillment action has an expiration date set to seven days from the transaction date. When a consumer purchases EDS, eligible product downloads have an expiration date set to one year from the transaction date.

When you enable EDS for your Store, it will also automatically be applied to each product with a file fulfillment action. You can choose to selectively disable EDS for a given product so that it is not offered when the product is the only item in the order.

EDS Pricing

FastSpring charges sellers a flat fee of $1.50 per order for the EDS service in addition to your standard order processing fee. You control the price of the EDS that your consumers pay.

The EDS Cost is applied once for each order that includes EDS. If the consumer selects multiple products that each have EDS enabled, the consumer only pays one EDS charge, which provides extended downloads for all eligible items selected by the consumer. If the consumer purchases two products, one of which has EDS disabled, EDS will only apply to the products for which it is enabled. Products without EDS use your Store’s default download duration.


Automatic EDS Addition

When a consumer selects a product that is eligible for EDS, the EDS can be automatically added to their order. When this happens, consumers can choose to remove it from their order.

EDS as a Separate Offer

Alternatively, EDS can be presented as a Separate Offer which consumers can click on to accept. For example, EDS may look similar to the screenshot below when presented as a separate offer. You can provide your own title, icon, and description when setting it up.

Enable EDS for Your Store

A one-time setup process applies to all products with file download fulfillment actions, including products you add in the future.

  1. In the FastSpring App, navigate to Integrations > Extensions > Extended Download Service.
  2. In the Extended Download Service setup window, click Setup.
  3. In the detailed Extended Download Service window, enter the price you want customers to pay for the EDS service in the Price for the customer field. You must enter the price in at least the base currency for your Store.
    • If applicable, you can enter the pricing in other currencies supported by your store, however Automatic Currency Conversion will do that for you when you select the applicable currencies in Settings.
  4. The Fee field shows you the current fee that FastSpring charges you, for the EDS service in addition to your standard order processing fee.
  5. In the Title field, enter the title that you want to appear when EDS is offered or included in the cart on your Web Storefront. You can optionally click the language selector drop-down and enter the title in each supported language.
  6. In the Short description field, enter a description of the EDS service that is designed to entice consumers to add the service. Click the language selector drop-down to enter a short description in each supported language. This field accepts markdown.
  7. In the Long description field, optionally enter a longer description of the EDS service. This additional information appears when consumers click on the Title. Click the language selector drop-down to enter the short description in each supported language. This field accepts markdown.
  8. In the Icon field, click Choose File if you want to specify an image file for the product icon for EDS in your Web Storefront.
  9. In the Offer behavior field, click the drop-down and select the desired behavior for the EDS offer.
    • Opt-Out: EDS is automatically added to the order when the consumer selects an eligible product. They can opt out of EDS by clicking to remove it from their order before completing the purchase.
    • Opt-In: EDS appears as a separate offer that consumers can accept and add to their order.
  10. Click Enable. You can always return to this configuration popup window later to make additional changes.

Disable EDS for a Product

In an order containing two or more products, FastSpring sets the expiration date of each product download independently. If one of the products has EDS disabled, the expiration date for that product’s download is the default download duration for your Store

  1. In the FastSpring App, navigate to the Products menu and select the product for which you want to disable EDS.
  2. Scroll down to the Advanced section and click Edit to open the Advanced details window.
  3. Scroll down to the Extended Download Service section, deselect the checkbox for Enable for this product, and click Save.

EDS and Popup Storefronts

The behavior of EDS when adding a product to the cart via a Popup Storefront depends on how you configure the Offer behavior field for EDS via Integrations > Extended Download Service.

  • Opt-Out – EDS will already be in the order during the Popup Storefront checkout process. If you enable the optional Popup Storefront Cart, the product icon and name that you provided appear in the cart along with the other product display names.
  • Opt-In – EDS is not automatically selected along with the first eligible product, then EDS will not be present in the order when you trigger the Popup Storefront checkout. If you enable the optional Popup Storefront cart, consumers can select EDS on the cart page

Store Builder Library

If you create a custom shopping cart using Store Builder Library functionality, you can control the behavior of EDS in the same way you would for any product cross-sell offer. The product path for the EDS product is SystemExtension.eds. You can find an example by inspecting the example SBL Cart Page.