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This article provides information about FastSpring's Affiliate Solution. FastSpring works with a trusted partner, Impact, to provide affiliate marketing solutions for our clients.

FastSpring works with a trusted partner, Impact, to provide affiliate marketing solutions for our clients.

For more information about setting up an account with Impact, please contact FastSpring Support.


Set Up Automatic Integration with Impact

FastSpring offers an automated solution to help you set up integration with Impact. This process implements it automatically; you only need to copy and paste the details from your Impact account when prompted. 

To launch the Impact integration walk-through, log on to the Dashboard, and then click or copy and paste the following link:


Manual Instructions

Use the following instructions to set up the Integration manually. 

  1. From the Integrations menu of the FastSpring App, select the Webhooks tab.
  2. Click Add Webhook.
  3. In the Name field, enter Impact Sales Tracking.
  4. Click Add.
  5. Inside the newly created Impact Sales Tracking webhook configuration, click Add Browser Script.

  6. A new browser script appears, and a dialog opens to let you configure the browser script.

  7. In the Name field of the new browser script, enter Impact Sales Tracking - <id>.
  8. Still in the Name field, use your keyboard to replace <id> with your Impact Sales Tracker ID.
    See Finding Your Impact Sales Tracker ID for a visual walkthrough.
  9. Under Events, select the checkbox next to browser.order.completed.
  10. Using your mouse, select all of the placeholder text in the Function field, and then press Delete or Backspace on your keyboard to delete it.
  11. Copy the following JavaScript function and paste it into the Function field:
    JavaScript function for Impact tracking
    function (event) {
        this.load('https:{{{Universal Tracking Tag Script URL}}}', function() {
            var trackingObject = {};
            trackingObject.orderId =;
            trackingObject.customerId =;
            trackingObject.currencyCode = 'USD';
            trackingObject.items = [];
            if ( &&[0]) trackingObject.orderPromoCode =[0];
                    subTotal: item.subtotalInPayoutCurrency,
                    category: "digital",
                    sku: item.product,
                    quantity: item.quantity
            ire('trackConversion', {{{Universal Tracking Action ID}}}, trackingObject);
  12. In the Function field, select the {{{Universal Tracking Tag Script URL}}} and replace it with the "General Tracking Settings URL" from your Impact account. See Finding your General Tracking Settings URL for a visual walkthrough.
    • When you finish, the line should appear similar to the following (except with your URL): this.load('', function() { 
  13. Scroll down to the bottom of the Function field. Then, select the {{{Universal Tracking Action ID}}} and replace it with your Sales Tracking ID; that is, the same value you used in the Name field above to replace <id>.
    • When you finish, the full line should appear similar to the following, except with your Sales Tracker ID: ire('trackConversion', 7821, trackingObject);  
  14. Click Add.