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Integrating Cryptolens


This article provides information about integration between FastSpring and Cryptolens.

Cryptolens offers a cloud-based licensing as a service (LaaS) platform to help you to license any type of applications, which includes:

  • Desktop apps
  • Add-ins / Plug ins (eg. to Office or AutoCAD)
  • SDKs
  • Mobile apps
  • Embedded systems

Cryptolens can generate custom license keys in real-time for distribution via your FastSpring Store.


Currently, Cryptolens integration does not support license key blocking for returned or refunded FastSpring orders. However, you can use Cryptolens to generate license keys and then use their API to validate that a given key was originally issued in conjunction with a FastSpring order.

Note:  Cryptolens is a third-party solution, not provided or supported by FastSpring.


FastSpring Configuration

Instructions for getting started with integrating Cryptolens into your FastSpring purchase flow can be found at


Contacting Cryptolens Support

In case you need assistance with Cryptolens integration, please contact Cryptolens's support team here.