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Tagging Interactive Quotes

Add tags to your Interactive Quotes to improve search results and organization within the IQ site. Navigate to Manage > Tags to create, edit, and remove tags.

Create a Tag

When you create a tag, you can apply it to searches and filters to more easily located associated quotes. 

  1. In the Interactive Quotes site, navigate to Manage > Tags
  2. At the top, right corner, click Create New
  3. Type the name of your Tag. Your team can search for associated quotes with this name. Click Create. 

FastSpring adds this tag to your team’s tag list. You and your team can add this tag to new or existing quotes to start using it. 

Add a Tag to Your Quote

You can also add tags to your quotes from the quote details page. 

  1. In the Interactive Quotes site, navigate to the quote
  2. At the top, right corner of the quote, select the three dots, then click Tag 
    • You can also do this from the three dots at the top, right corner of the quote’s details page
  1. Type the tag name. If a tag returns, click on it to apply it to a quote. Click Create as New Tag to create a new tag with that name. Repeat this step as needed. 
  2. Click Confirm