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Manage your FastSpring Payouts Portal


Use the FastSpring Payouts portal to manage how you receive payouts.

See the FastSpring Payouts Support Center for questions about your FastSpring Payouts account, withdrawing funds, tracking your payment and transfers, and for links to phone, email, or chat support.

This payout method applies to you if you see an Activate FastSpring Payouts Account or FastSpring Payouts Portal button under Store menu > Account Summary.

Account Setup

  • Admin: Only one email is enabled to access your FastSpring Payouts account. The default Admin is the original email used to create your FastSpring account.
  • Change Payouts email address: In your FastSpring Payouts account, navigate to Settings > Preferences > Notifications.
  • Split Partners: Your split partners will also receive payments via FastSpring Payouts and will receive instructions to activate their own account.

Funding and Transfers

  • Existing payout settings: Your payment frequency and minimum/maximum payment settings will not change with FastSpring Payouts.
  • Payouts Currency: Your FastSpring Payouts account can be funded in 1 of 5 currencies and then transfer out of your FastSpring Payouts account in 55 currency options.
  • Account balance and payout: The balance on your FastSpring account reflects your current sales that will be paid out via FastSpring Payouts on a later date.
  • Payout options and service fees: After you activate, click Resources > Fees in the FastSpring Payouts portal to see all of the payout and transfer options available for your country and currency.

Activate FastSpring Payouts Account

Activate to avoid delays: The FastSpring Payouts portal requires a one-time account activation that is separate from your FastSpring App account. When you receive a notification to activate FastSpring Payouts, make sure to complete activation so you can confirm your preferred transfer methods as expected. 

Begin activation via the FastSpring App any time or you will receive an email notification to activate after the first time your FastSpring Payouts account is funded.

  1. Add "" and "" domains to the whitelist in your email provider.
  2. Click the Activate button in the FastSpring App or in your activation email from FastSpring
    • App: Navigate to your Store menu > Account Summary and click Activate FastSpring Payouts Account
    • Activation email: After your first transaction and when your FastSpring Payouts account is funded according to your Payment Frequency, you will receive an email notification with the subject “[Activation Required] You received a FastSpring Payout”. Click Activate Account.
  3. On the FastSpring Payouts account registration page, enter your Seller ID and click Continue.
    • Find your Seller ID in the FastSpring App under your Username > Profile > Your Company ID or parentheses in the first sentence of your activation email.
  4. Select your Account Type, Individual or Business.
    • We recommend you select the account type based on the bank account you plan on transferring your funds into.
    • If you select Individual, you will need to enter your national Tax ID (Non-US Citizens) or Social Security Number (US Citizens).
    • If you select Business, you will need to enter your business registration number or EIN.
  5. Enter your Account Profile details as requested, ensuring the information is accurate and matches your government ID. Click Continue.
    • Try using the phone number you used when you created your FastSpring account.
  6. Enter your desired Password and Security Questions, select the checkboxes for the Legal Agreements, and click Continue.
  7. If prompted, select your appropriate Taxpayer Identification and click OK.
  8. On the eCommunications Disclosure page, select the checkbox and click OK.
  9. If prompted, complete the Taxpayer Identification details as requested, select the check boxes for Electronic System Submission, enter your name, and click Confirm.

After your account has been successfully activated, you will be redirected to the homepage of the FastSpring Payouts portal where you have the option to transfer funds.

Set Up Transfers

If you migrate to FastSpring Payouts from the previous method, you will need to re-enter your account information.

PayPal transfers: Your PayPal email must match your FastSpring Payouts email. To change your FastSpring Payouts email, log in to FastSpring Payouts and navigate to Settings > Preferences > Notifications.
Wire transfers: If you set up a wire transfer, we recommend you send the Hyperwallet FastSpring Relationship Letter to your bank and tell them you are expecting recurring wire transfers from this sender.

Configure Transfer Method

  1. Under Add New Transfer Method, select your country and currency.
  2. Select a transfer method and click Continue.
  3. Enter your account details as requested, and click Continue.
  4. Carefully verify that your information is correct and click Confirm.

There are two options available initiate transfers:

  • Manual Transfer: If you want to preview FX rates before each transfer, initiate a manual transfer when you have a balance in your FastSpring Payouts account. 
  • Auto Transfer: Generally preferred to maintain your current payout time frames and when you do not need to check exchange rates before each transfer.

Manual Transfer

  1. Go to your FastSpring Payouts. If needed, complete steps above to configure one or more transfer methods.
  2. From the FastSpring Payouts home page, ensure your preferred transfer method is selected.
  3. Enter an Amount less than or equal to the Available Funds in your FastSpring Payouts account and click Continue.
  4. You will see a preview of any applicable fees before completing the transfer.

Auto Transfer

  1. Follow instructions to set up at least one transfer method in FastSpring Payouts.
  2. In the FastSpring Payouts portal, select Transfer to view your Transfer Center.
  3. For your desired payment method, select Action > Create Auto Transfer.
    • To modify existing auto transfer settings, select Action > Update Auto Transfer.
  4. Configure the transfer period. We recommend you select Every day.
    • If you set your auto transfer to every day, then FastSpring Payouts will initiate a transfer whenever there is a new balance in your account, which is based on your Payment Frequency

  5. Ensure the transfer percentage adds up to 100 and click Save.
  6. Optionally, select More Options to configure additional currency settings.
  7. Click Confirm.