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Manual Renewal Subscriptions


This article describes manual renewal subscriptions, and explains how you can allow customers to opt out of having FastSpring save their payment details.

You can allow customers the option to opt out of (or opt in to) automatic subscription renewals using the Auto/Manual subscription renewal field in your Storefront's settings. For customers who opt out (or fail to opt in), FastSpring does not store the payment account details for future use.

  • For Web Storefronts, you can access this setting via Storefronts -> Web Storefronts -> Settings -> General Settings, in the Customer Information section.
  • For Popup Storefronts, you can access this setting via Storefronts - > Popup Storefronts -> Settings -> Checkout, in the Customer Information section. 


You may have customers who want to place subscription orders using purchase orders, wire transfers, or other delayed payment methods. Unlike subscriptions with automatic renewal, manual renewal subscriptions can be purchased using delayed payment methods.


Managed subscriptions, by definition, cannot be manual renewal subscriptions. When a managed subscription is selected/in the cart, customers cannot opt in or out of automatic renewals. FastSpring always saves payment details (via a secure payment token) for managed subscriptions.


Customer Experience

When a non-managed subscription is selected/placed in the cart, and the Storefront allows manual renewals, customers see an additional option during checkout. They can select a checkbox to opt in to automatic renewals or clear it to opt out of automatic renewals, depending on how you have configured that field in your Storefront's Settings.

Customers who opt out of automatic renewals (or who fail to opt in, when prompted) will not be billed automatically. FastSpring can still notify these customers by email when payments are due (depending on the settings in the subscription-based product's Pricing field). However, to make the scheduled payment, these customers must log on to the secure account management site, click the Pay Now button for the subscription, and re-enter their payment account information. Customers must do this before the due date to renew the subscription. Otherwise, the subscription becomes overdue immediately following the due date.

Upon clicking Pay Now, customers are taken to a secure payment entry page with all order details filled in for them. They cannot change the product or quantity in the cart because the details are populated automatically based on the subscription being renewed.

When the customer selects a payment method, the resulting payment details dialog does not have fields for the customer's name, email address, or company. Those details are already supplied using the info in the customer's account. Entry fields only appear for the payment details, such as the credit card number and expiration date.