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Pausing Subscriptions


How to pause and resume subscription instances from the App and the API

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Using the API or the FastSpring App, you can pause your customers’ subscriptions to reduce churn. The pause will take place on the day of the next billing cycle and last for the number of rebill periods that you configure. However, you can resume or cancel the subscription at any time before the resume date. 

Buyers do not have the capability to pause their own subscription; they must go through you or your support team in order to pause and resume the subscription.


Schedule a Subscription Pause from the App

  1. Navigate to the subscription’s details page. 
  2. At the top, right corner of the Overview section, click Pause. A popup appears. 
  3. Enter the number of billing cycles you would like to pause the subscription for. Click Confirm. The subscription’s details page will automatically update. 

The Next Charge field displays the start and end dates of the upcoming pause. These details are also reflected in the Sales pages.

After the subscription is in a paused state, customers will not have access to the services. The subscription will display in the Active Subscriptions section of their Account Management page. The subscription will automatically resume on the renewal date you configured. You can subscribe to email notifications or webhooks to be notified of the change.

Cancel a Scheduled Pause

Between the time that you schedule a pause for a subscription, and the time that the subscription enters the paused state, you can cancel the scheduled pause. Navigate to the subscription’s details page and click Cancel Scheduled Pause. This immediately resumes the customer’s pre-existing subscription.

Resume a Subscription

If a subscription is in the paused state, you can resume it at any point in time. If you do not resume it prior to the renewal date you configured, the subscription will automatically resume unless it has been canceled.

  1. Navigate to Sales > Subscriptions
  2. In the first drop-down filter, click Paused Subscriptions. Select the paused subscription to access its details page. 
  3. In the Overview section, click Resume.

When you resume a subscription, the customer is immediately charged. If the payment is successful, they will have access to the subscription immediately. Future rebill dates will reflect the resume date. You can view the history of status changes for this particular subscription in the Timeline section below.

Using API + Webhooks

You can also utilize the FastSpring API and Webhooks to pause and resume customers’ subscriptions.

Contents of Event Payload

  • State - The current billing status of the subscription. This field will read “paused” that no billing will take place in the current cycle.
  • pauseDateInSeconds - Exact timing of the subscription pause in a 10-digit Unix timestamp format.
  • pauseDateDisplay - (mm/dd/yy) The date on which the subscription was paused, or is scheduled to pause.
  • resumeDateInSeconds - Exact timing of the scheduled resume date in a 10-digit Unix timestamp format.
  • resumeDateDisplay - (mm/dd/yy) The date on which the subscription is scheduled to resume billing.

Schedule a Pause

To schedule a subscription pause for your customer, send the following API request:

POST /subscriptions/ID/pause

In the pausePeriodCount= field, Input the number of rebill periods for which the subscription is paused. This can be any integer larger than 0 and less than 13. This will send the GET /subscriptions/ID response with the following attributes:

  • pauseDateInSeconds
  • pauseDateDisplay
  • resumeDateInSeconds
  • resumeDateDisplay

This change impacts existing subscription.updated webhook, sending a Subscription Paused email notification to the customer. The following attributes should be included in the payload:

  • pauseDateInSeconds
  • pauseDateDisplay
  • resumeDateInSeconds
  • resumeDateDisplay

Removing a Scheduled Pause

To cancel a customer’s scheduled pause, send the following API requests:

POST /subscriptions/ID/resume   

This will send the GET /subscriptions/ID response, and resume the currently paused subscription. This response impacts the existing subscription.update webhook; the following attributes should be included in the payload:

  • pauseDateInSeconds
  • pauseDateDisplay
  • resumeDateInSeconds
  • resumeDateDisplay

Paused Subscriptions 

When a subscription is paused, the pausing starts on the day of the next billing cycle, when the customer would usually be charged for a renewal. Instead, the subscription is sent into a Paused status. This triggers the subscription.updated and subscription.paused webhook events.

state: “paused”
pauseDateInSeconds: 1625011200
pauseDateDisplay: 6/30/21
resumeDateInSeconds: 1625011200
resumeDateDisplay: 6/30/21

Resume a Subscription Immediately / Cancel a Scheduled Pause

If you immediately resume a subscription, it will charge the customer and start a new billing cycle immediately. To do so, send the following API request:

POST /subscriptions/ID/resume

The response will be GET /subscriptions/ID?. This will update to the active status and remove the pauseDate and resumeDate fields from the payload. The following webhooks will be triggered:


Disable a Fulfillment

If you have paused a customer's subscription, you can use FastSpring's webhooks and APIs to temporarily disable your product.