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Product Options


This article describes product options and explains how to use them.

Product Options allow you to present different options to purchasers during the purchase process. They are similar to cross-sells and upsells, except they appear on the pages of your Web Storefront with only the product name and price and they take up less space.

Product options can include Alternatives, Single choice options, and Multiple choice options.


Similar to upsells, selecting an alternative replaces the item in the cart.

Single choice options

Similar to cross-sells, except the purchaser can choose a single additional product from a list, using radio buttons.

Multiple choice options

Similar to cross-sells, except the purchaser can choose multiple additional products from a list, using checkboxes.


Web Storefronts can display all types of product options. However, if you use a Popup Storefront, the optional cart only supports multiple choice options. However, you can use the Store Builder Library to control the layout and placement of all products and options offered on the pages of your website before triggering the checkout process/Popup Storefront.


For product options, only the display names of the products appear, as illustrated in the example images above. If you want to display the products' Summary descriptions as well, consider creating cross-sells or upsells instead of product options. The Storefront renders the products' icons, display names, and summaries (Web Storefronts only) for cross-sells and upsells.

Configure Product Options

  1. From the FastSpring App, select the Products menu and then select the ProductsBundles, or Subscriptions tab, depending on the type of item to which you want to add product options.
  2. Click the product, bundle, or subscription to which you want to add product options.
  3. On the detail page, locate the Related Offers section and click Add New. Then, select Add Product Options.

  4. The Add Product Options popup window appears. Select the type of product options you want to add.



    If you select Single choice option or Multiple choice option, two additional checkboxes become available:
    • Require Selection - Selecting this checkbox requires purchasers to select at least one of the product options in order to proceed. The order subtotal will increase unless the selected product option is free.
    • Inherit Quantity - Selecting this checkbox causes any selected product option to initially have the same quantity as the primary product, i.e., the product you are editing. Purchasers may still have the option to change the quantity of either item if desired.
  5. In the Display field, you can optionally enter a heading to appear on the Storefront, just above the product offer(s) you are configuring. This heading may be especially useful if you are adding Single choice or Multiple choice options, as cross-sells. You can optionally click the language drop-down and enter the heading in each desired language.

  6. The Placement field controls the sequence in which product options appear on the Storefront if you configure more than one group of the same type of product options for the same product. For example, suppose you add two groups of Alternatives (upsells). The Placement field lets you control which group of alternatives appears first on the page. The group in Position #1 appears first on the Storefront, the group in Position #2 appears second, and so on. However, if you add one group of alternatives and one group of multiple choice options, the Placement field does not affect the relative placement of the two groups. Product options are always sorted first by the type of option (e.g., alternatives followed by multiple choice options) when viewed on the Storefront.
  7. In the Products field, begin typing the name of the first product option you want to add. You can add an original product or a product variation (e.g., if you want to offer a discount to motivate customers to purchase the option). Search results instantly appear just under the Products field, and the list is updated each time you type a character.

  8. Select the product from the drop-down search results below the field. You can repeat this process to add additional product options.  
    • You can also click Remove if you make a mistake or need to change the product.
    • If you select the Pre-selected checkbox next to the product, the product option is added to the cart automatically when a customer selects the primary product. Customers would have to click Remove if they do not want to purchase the item.

  9. Click Save to complete the process. The Related Offers section for the product, bundle, or subscription you are editing updates to show that there is a new configuration. In the example below, the new field is labeled Configuration (One). Click Edit if you need to review and edit the product options or delete the offer entirely.

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