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Product Tax Category

Product configuration in the FastSpring App includes a questionnaire to select the best tax code for your product. If none of the options match your product, look for the best matching tax code for your product and submit the code to FastSpring Support.

Classic Platform Seller: If you are using the Classic version of the FastSpring platform, see Classic instructions for Product Tax Category configuration.

Virtual Product Portfolio (VPP) Sellers: You do not need to configure individual product tax categories. VPP products use tax code D9999999 (Temporary unmapped digital goods sku – taxable default) unless you set a Store default, described in step #4 below.

Each product can only have one product tax code applied. FastSpring cannot offer tax advice and is responsible for taxing accurately based on product information that you provide. While we cannot choose the tax code for you, as long as you choose a tax code that is relevant to your product you will be in compliance.

Choose a Product Tax Category

To set the same Product Tax Category for many products, follow the steps below and select the optional checkbox described in step #4.

  1. Log in to the FastSpring App and select the product to add the Tax Category to.
  2. Above the Overview section of the Product Details page, look for Product Category This is followed by a link that shows Unspecified (if a tax category has yet to be assigned) or a tax code (if one has been assigned). Click the link.
  3. In the Product Tax Category dialog, choose the most appropriate selection from the options:
    • Application Software License or SaaS
    • Cyber Security
    • Games
    • Publication Subscription
    • Cloud Data Storage
    • Digital Streaming
    • Physical Goods
    • Tech Support Maintenance

  4. Depending on your first selection, you will have different additional options to choose from. Select the best options from the choices until you see a Tax Code displayed. Optionally, select the Save as default product tax category checkbox to apply the same code as default for all other products. You can still set a unique Product Tax Category on a product that should be different from the code you set as default.
  5. Click Save.

If none of the sub-category options describe your product, use the Tax Code Selection Helper to find the best matching tax code for your product, and submit the code to FastSpring Support.

Edit a Product Tax Category

  1. In the FastSpring App, navigate to the Products menu and select a product.
  2. At the top of the product detail page, the current tax category code or Unspecified will appear next to Product Category as a link.
  3. Click the tax code link to open the Product Tax Category dialog and select the best options for your product until you see a Tax Code displayed.
  4. Click Save.